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Banner Tattoos – The Benefits of Using Them in Your Design

One of the unique ways to capture the true essence of your ink design is making use of banner tattoos in the design. This means rather than the text simply floating out there in space, you can use a cool looking banner to help give the design depth, but to highlight the words in a way that they become the focal point of the design.

If you are still on the fence about your new tat, consider all these ways the banner tattoos are transforming the look of an average tattoo design.

The Birth Announcement

With so many fun ways to promote the birth of your baby, rather than leaving their name hanging out there under the design, the banner helps to give them center stage.

The banner is great to wrap under a cute cartoon character, the footprint of the child, or with little angels. In some instances, the angels can actually be holding the banner with the child’s name too, the possibilities are truly limitless.

The Scriptures

Bible verses are all the rage this year with tattoo designs, and the banner tattoos help you to really get your message to the masses.

It doesn’t matter if you are working with a huge cross, an image of Jesus or the Virgin Mary, or a flying dove, the banner ties in that unique scripture message that has a personal connection with you.

Memorialize a Loved One

There are several ways to memorialize a loved one with a tattoo design, and the banner tattoos add a personal touch to the design without distracting from the overall concept.

The design you choose has a personal connection between you and your loved one who has passed, and many people looking on may not be able to make that connection.

The banners with the name of your loved one make it crystal clear this is a tribute to someone who meant an awful lot to you.

The Zodiac Signs

The twelve signs of the Zodiac have really become a popular tattoo design choice in recent years.

Instead of your bull, lion, or crab being mistaken for your love of this particular animal, the banner tattoo can be inked with your Zodiac sign so there is no doubt what message you are putting out there.

Now that Taurus, Leo, and Cancer symbols will be something you can wear with pride.

Personalize That Love

Heart tattoos come in all shapes and sizes and are easily recognized as one of the top designs for the body ink. Instead of coloring the heart red and trying to ink a name inside that can ruin the overall presentation, the banner is the way to go.

The heart design can be inked as dark red as you like, then you drape the white banner around and under the heart, with the name of your partner, your love, or your soul mate.

Now you see how the banner tattoos can really emphasize something within the design without taking away from the overall concept.

Not only will the banner become the focal point, it will help to give the design more personality.

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