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What Does Panda Tattoo Stand For?

Panda tattoo is one of the cutest animal tattoos that help you reflect the jolly and positive side of your personality. These tattoos are common in Asia. However, with growth in the variety of panda tattoo designs, people are falling in love with this tattoo more and more.

Panda Tattoo

Other than the cute designs, panda tattoos circle around a few positive meanings. The best part about panda tattoos is that you can perceive any meaning you like, something that clicks with you and one you can relate to. If you want to learn more about the meaning behind panda tattoos and their types, then take a look below.

The Meaning Behind Panda Tattoos

Panda tattoos come with a load of positive meanings, which is one of the main reasons why people like getting a tattoo of a panda. You can tell pandas spread positive vibes with their cute fluffy faces. They are so cute to look at that people usually get a panda tattoo because of its cute and cuddly facial features.

colorful panda tattoo on hand

One of the main symbolism of a panda tattoo is serenity and peace. We live in a chaotic world where every day, there is something that tends to affect our sanity. For some of us, it’s hard to keep up with all of this. Getting a panda tattoo may remind you always to spread peaceful vibes and to avoid situations that may affect your peace and serenity.

Panda face tattoo at back for women

Panda tattoos also symbolize good luck and knowledge. Pandas are carnivores; even then, they stick to eating bamboos. This showcases how these fuzzy animals have the common sense not to risk their lives chasing things that may get them into trouble. Many of us can relate to such a real meaning.

jumping panda tattoo for men and women

One of the best meanings behind panda tattoos is that they represent the balance in life. Pandas are made out of two colors, black and white, which help symbolize the balance between men and women. If you plan to get this, you can add the yin and yang symbol to your tattoo to make it more meaningful.

panda half head tattoo

If you get this tattoo, you will surely be able to portray yourself as a balanced human being. Panda tattoos also help represent the goofy and fun side in you. Pandas are a mixture of many personalities. The main personality that overtakes the rest is its goofy and playful one. Pandas love to eat constantly; if you’re a foodie, you know you’ve found the perfect tattoo.

panda tattoo on leg

The meaning behind your panda tattoo has a lot to do with the design and elements included, as the meanings do tend to change. Make your selection easier by going through the different types of panda tattoos mentioned below.

Ideal Placements for Panda Tattoos

Panda tattoos give you the freedom to get your tattoo placed whenever you like with the help of their different animal designs. Panda tattoos come in different shapes and sizes, making them easier to get anywhere. If you want to go for something subtle, you can get a mini panda tattoo on your wrist, ankle, behind the ear, neck, fingers or collar bone. If you want something bigger that comprises a whole panda face or a specific scene, then you can get it on your chest, stomach, back, thighs, and sleeve.

panda tattoo near ears for women

Types of Panda Tattoos

1. Dope Panda Tattoo

Go for this dope panda tattoo and achieve some major cool vibes. This tattoo has quite a humorous touch to it as it includes a black and white inked panda with a smoke pipe in its mouth. The tattoo artist has created a slight smoky effect to showcase smoke coming out of the pipe. If you’re the type of person who wants to give out a ‘’ don’t care’’ vibe, then you’ve found your ultimate panda tattoo.

panda with leaf tattoo on forearm

2. Abstract Panda Tattoo

You can try out this amazing abstract panda tattoo that includes many details. This tattoo involves the face of a panda inked in black and white seen growling. In the background, there are splashes of watercolor ink along with some geometrical shapes and lines. There is also a half clock present on this tattoo to help add more features to it. Pandas are usually seen as cute and carefree animals, but this side portrays the fierce personality of a panda. This tattoo showcases the two sides to a person and is ideal for you if you have both fun and aggressive traits when you have to.

Watercolor panda tattoo on leg

3. Mini Panda Tattoo

If you’re aiming to achieve a small and subtle tattoo look, you must go for this mini panda tattoo. This tattoo consists of a small black inked panda holding a green leaf. There are many ways you can portray this mini panda tattoo as you can add other elements to it as well. The best part about these tattoos is that you can get them tatted anywhere you like and help you achieve some cute body art.

Small Cute panda tattoo on leg for women

4. Cute Rolling Panda Tattoos

Try out this adorable rolling panda tattoo and achieve some cute body art. This tattoo includes a mini panda inked in black and white shown rolling over subtle grass feature. You can adjust the size of this tattoo if you don’t want it too small. Getting this tattoo will help you showcase your playful side and tell others about your cool and carefree nature, just like this cute little panda.

Tiny Panda tattoo on finger

Other Types

  • Cartoon Panda Tattoo
  • Kung Fu Panda Tattoo
  • Skull Candy Panda Tattoo
  • Cherry Blossom Panda Tattoo
  • Mandala Panda Tattoo
  • Geometrical Panda Tattoo

Final Words

Now that you’ve gained some good knowledge about panda tattoos, you can finally start with the panda tattoo selection process. A few types mentioned above may help you with initial inspiration. Panda tattoos are quite relatable as everyone has two sides to their personality. One is the fierce, aggressive side, and the other is the goofy side. The best way to portray that is by getting a panda tattoo. So don’t miss out on some cute body art!

Cute Panda tattoo on shoulder for back women

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