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What Does A Semicolon Butterfly Tattoo Mean?

If you’re looking to get a meaningful and symbolic design for your next tattoo, you’re at the right place! The semicolon butterfly tattoo is a wholesome and uplifting tattoo as it supports mental health awareness. It allows people struggling with mental health to share their stories through art. Project Semicolon, founded in 2013, demonstrates the symbolism of a semicolon and how it supports those who have struggled with depression, self-injury, suicide, addiction, and other mental health issues.

Black color Semicolon Butterfly Tattoo
for women

This tattoo isn’t only meant for people who have struggled but for everyone who supports the cause. Other than its beautiful meaning, the design is quite incarnate and mesmerizing. It’s perfect, especially for those who want a small and subtle tattoo. If you want to support the Project Semicolon movement, you must read this article further and learn the meaning behind semicolon butterfly tattoos.

The Meaning Behind Semicolon Butterfly Tattoo

Semicolon tattoos come with many elements, and some designs incorporate just a semicolon. But the semicolon butterfly tattoo is a special one as it holds a unique meaning. While you’re already aware that the semicolon tattoo represents a person’s struggle with mental health and the challenges they faced, the butterfly symbolizes transformation.

Semicolon Butterfly Tattoo on leg for women

 It takes time for a person to get out of the dark place caused by their mental health, and the birth of a butterfly best represents that transformation. From a caterpillar to a butterfly, it’s a beautiful rebirth that symbolizes coming out from a dark place that was shadowed by struggles of mental illness. Butterflies also symbolize freedom, showcasing how they broke away from their deep dark emotions and are now free to feel good and content.

Getting back to Project Semicolon, the semicolon butterfly tattoo plays an important role in showing support to people suffering from poor mental health. It’s not easy for survivors of depression and suicide to tell their story openly, but it makes it a bit easier to share it through a tattoo.

 The tattoo may look quite simple, but its meaning is heavy, representing a person’s struggle and how they were on the verge of giving up.  Even after recovering, some people may relapse and go back to that cold dark place. This tattoo will remind you not to go there because it gives constant hope that things will get better and you’re not alone in this fight.

Tiny Semicolon Butterfly Tattoo on leg for women

Semicolon butterfly tattoos also symbolize strength. After all, it takes a lot of power and time to get through the struggle, and unfortunately, not many people get through it. You can get this tattoo as a tribute to all those who didn’t make it because of their poor mental health, which took over them in a heartbreaking way.

It’s not necessary for someone to get a semicolon tattoo only if they have suffered through mental health. Even if you know someone who is currently struggling and want to show your support, it’s a great idea to get this tattoo. These tattoos are also good conversation starters and make people feel comfortable talking to you about their struggles. Getting this tattoo reminds you to be strong at all times. More importantly, when you’re close to going back to that dark place ever again, it will remind you of the life you can enjoy.

Amazing Semicolon Butterfly Tattoo at back for women

There is still a stigma attached to mental health today, as many people think that it’s a matter of being ‘too sensitive.’ A semicolon butterfly tattoo is one way you can start somewhere and show silent solidarity with people suffering due to mental health struggles.

Blue and Black color Semicolon Butterfly Tattoo on hand

The Semicolon project’s mission statement explains the symbolism behind the tattoo: the semicolon in a sentence shows that the author could’ve easily ended the sentence but instead chose not to. This showcases strength and power in a person. It’s hard to resist such a meaningful tattoo with a good purpose; now, all your need is the right design. For that, you can choose one from the designs below.

Placement Options For Semicolon Butterfly Tattoo

The main purpose of getting a semicolon butterfly tattoo is to show people that you’ve gone through some real hard times. Or, you may want to support mental health survivors and encourage them to share their stories. Hence, you would want to get this tattoo in a place that’s visible, such as your wrist, arm, arm, or neck. The wrist and hand are two of the most common placements for the semicolon butterfly tattoo, but if you want to go for something bigger and detailed, you can choose another placement as well.

Semicolon Butterfly Tattoo near ears for women

 This could include your ankle, rib cage, behind the neck, and chest. The face and side burn are also popular places for this tattoo, but it takes a lot of guts to choose a unique placement like this. Make sure your tattoo design matches the placement as you don’t want to ruin the look.

Types f Semicolon Butterfly Tattoos

A Semicolon Butterfly Tattoo with a Burst of Color

If you want a tattoo with a colorful touch, you must go for this colorful semicolon butterfly. This tattoo incorporates a black inked semicolon representing a butterfly’s body and its wings, including colors like pink and blue and outlined in black. For some extra detail, the tattoo artist has added dots of different colored inks around the tattoo.

Colorful Semicolon Butterfly Tattoo at back for women

Patterned Semicolon Butterfly Tattoo

You can go for this patterned semicolon butterfly tattoo as a way to get some unique body art. This tattoo includes black inked semicolons in the shape of a butterfly body and with big flow wings. The wings are made of a curvy design, adding a unique touch to the overall tattoo. This is a classic semicolon butterfly tattoo that only involves the use of black ink, and you can adjust the size as per the placement.

Simple Semicolon Butterfly Tattoo for women

Other Types

  • Watercolor Semicolon Butterfly Tattoo
  • Floral Semicolon Butterfly Tattoo
  • Linear Semicolon Butterfly Tattoo


Even if you’re going just for this tattoo’s appearance, it’s hard to ignore the meaning. That’s how powerful it is. This is one of the most beautiful tattoos you will ever get, so there is no chance you should miss out on it.

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