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Trendy 2021 Matching Tattoo Ideas and Meaning

Matching tattoos are a unique way to bring more meaning to your relationship and build your bond with that special someone. Getting these tattoos mean matching with your significant other or best friend, thereby signifying your relationship with each other and showcasing the bond you have to the rest of the world. These tattoos don’t only apply to romantic couples but also to people such as your family, friends, and other important people in your life.

Matching tattoos consist of different signs and symbols that hold various meanings. These tattoos have a lot of sentimental value attached to them, and you would surely want to give it a try with the person who means the most to you. You can get a matching tattoo with more than one person or with a group of friends, making it more valuable. Read further below and learn more about matching tattoos.

The Meaning Behind Matching Tattoos

Matching tattoos help you maintain and create some of the best relationships. There are various meanings attached to matching tattoos, depending on the design you get. Symbols are very commonly applied in matching tattoos that all have different heart-warming meanings. Symbol tattoos such as the infinity symbol or half heart are very common. If you get an infinity symbol as a matching tattoo, this will symbolize eternity, showcasing that you will be in each other’s life forever and that nothing can break the bond you both have, not even distance.

The best part about matching tattoos is that it gives you the freedom to incorporate your own meaning. Since you know your relationship best, using each other’s own meaning makes this tattoo all the more personalized and special.  Matching tattoos can tell an entire story about your relationship, even if you use just one word in your tattoo. This word could have a funny meaning attached to it that only you and the person you’re matching it with knows.

This symbolizes mischievousness and secrecy, which could be the two main things to make up your relationship. Matching date tattoos also hold a lot of meaning and value. You can get a tattoo of the date when both of you came into each other lives or a date of a special day that means a lot to both of you. The list for matching tattoos goes on and on, but if you want some inspiration, read on below.

Who You Can Get a Matching Tattoo With

When deciding who you should get a matching tattoo with, it’s obviously totally up to you, but when choosing, make sure it’s someone you share a special bond with and that there is not a moment when you may regret getting one with them. Matching tattoos are very common among couples to symbolize their love and relationship. You can get a matching tattoo with your best friend, colleague, parent, siblings, grandparents, or anyone else you’re really close to.

You can also get matching tattoos with a group of friends or your whole team, symbolizing the meaning of staying united. This team could be a team of football players or your swimming team at a club. You could ask all your immediate family members to get matching tattoos, perhaps something that symbolizes the meaning behind your family name and showcases how family always comes first. Matching tattoos have much value attached to them, so make sure to choose the person or group wisely before going in for your tattoo appointment.

Ideal Placement Options for Matching Tattoos

You can showcase your matching tattoo in many ways. First, you must discuss it with the person or group of people you’re matching it with and where they would feel comfortable. You needn’t get the same placement as the other person, but doing so would make the tattoo more meaningful. The most common placement for a matching tattoo, especially if you’re going for something small like a symbol tattoo, then you must consider the wrist, arm, fingers, and ankle.

Another cool placement idea is the collar bone area and behind the neck. If you want to be discrete about your matching tattoo, then you could get it on your stomach, chest, and back. When choosing a placement, keep in mind the size and design of the tattoo. External factors also play a role in this, and you must always consider them. No matter where you plan to place your matching tattoo, it will look unique as ever and still maintain the powerful and sentimental meaning behind it.

Types of Matching Tattoos

1. Angel Wing Matching Tattoo

You could get one long and feathery angel’s wing on each other’s arm in grey and white. This tattoo is pure art. This tattoo symbolizes protection, which adds to the meaning in your relationship on how you protect the person you’re matching the tattoo with and vice versa. This is a good matching couple and best friend tattoo idea.

Best Tattoo for men

2. Anchor Matching Tattoo

Anchor matching tattoos incorporate small black inked anchors, which you could get tatted on each other’s fingers. These tattoos symbolize how each of you has been an anchor in each other’s lives and bring stability to each other in times when things aren’t going the way you expected.

Beautiful Anchor Tattoo on leg for women

3. Sun & Moon Matching Tattoo

The sun and moon are a very popular matching tattoo design. These two images symbolize how each of you brings lightness to the darkness in your life and can always rely on each other when feeling low. You have to choose which one gets to have the sun tatted and who gets to have the moon.

Sun and moon Tattoo on wrist for women

4. Word Matching Tattoos

You could get a specific word or quote as a matching tattoo. These words could mean something important and could also be the basis of your relationship. You can also incorporate a funny word that only the person you’re matching with knows the meaning of.

Words Tattoo for couple on arm

5. Boat & Anchor

This boat and anchor tattoo is another cool matching tat idea perfect for couples and friends. One person gets the anchor while the other gets the ship tattoo with a few dotted lines to show a connection. This tattoo represents good luck in your relationship and how both of you keep each other sane.

Bold Boat and anchor Tattoo on shoulder for women

6. Love Birds Matching Tattoo

You can get two colored birds and match it together with black hearts all around. This could symbolize your love for nature and how it may have brought both of you together.

Cool birds Tattoo on hand for couple

7. Celtic Rings

If you want to get a fake ring, then Celtic rings tatted in black and grey are the best. You can get this tatted on your fingers, representing a friendship band with a tribal touch.

Celtic ring tattoo for both on finger


Now that you’re aware of the meaning behind matching tattoos and have some interesting ideas in front of you, it’s time you join the trend and get a matching tattoo this year. You can get as lacerative as you want as these tattoos are very flexible and allow you to personalize them accordingly,

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