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The Star Tattoo: Different Variants and Meanings

Have you ever considered getting a tattoo? Ever since the popularity of tattoos has drastically increased, nowadays, you see people with all sorts of tattoos everywhere you go. It has become a trend mainly due to how tattoos have evolved over the years.

Classic Star Tattoo on leg for men

Now when we see tattoos, we see art. Tattoos are designs inked on the body of an individual, expressing strong meanings and emotions. This body art has lead people to ink their bodies with specific symbols and quotes that give their life meaning or mean something to them. It lets them shine like a star.

Captain America Star Tattoo for men

What better way to brighten up your day than getting a star tattoo inked? Since there are a handful of options when it comes to star tattoos, it can be quite difficult to pick the best one. But, once you understand the meaning and history behind a particular tattoo, it can help you decide whether this is what you want or not.

Purple and Blue color Star Tattoo for couple

Today, we will discuss the star tattoos. This tattoo has a lot of variations, and each has different meanings and has a unique look. Continue reading as you’ll find this very popular genre of tattoos to be quite interesting and beautiful in terms of meaning.

The Star Tattoo Variants and Their Meanings

Stargazing is always a sight worth watching, whether there is only one shining star or countless of them. Stars can radiate good vibes and also create a romantic effect. They are quite symbolic and represent various meanings and help in finding our way when night falls. Stars mostly represent hope and a sense of direction. Since stars have a huge impact on our lives, it’s not surprising to see them as tattoos.

Sparkling Star Tattoo for men

The star tattoo can also represent rebirth, purity, love, memories, and dreams. Therefore, start tattoos have increased in popularity and have different variants.

Small Star Tattoo on hand

You’ll find people of different cultures and interests with stunning star tattoos inked on their bodies. This is mainly because these tattoos have a different meaning and connection for them. To help you understand the meaning of these variants, we have mentioned each of the star tattoo variants below.

Shooting Star

As we know, people often associate shooting stars with a special moment. This special moment can mean a lot to someone and may also leave an impact on their life. Besides, shooting stars can also represent and express the wearer is a dreamer and someone who loves making and following their wishes. You can adorn your skin with a trail of many small stars in one color or multiple shades.

Shooting Star Tattoo for women on finger

Nautical Star

A nautical star has an interesting history behind them. In early times, people didn’t have other means of navigation, especially sailors; thus, stars played a huge role for them. Sailors had a superstitious belief, which led them to ink nautical stars on their bodies. A nautical star represents the hope of finding what you seek in the future and also represents how every journey has an end, so all you have to do is hang on and believe in yourself.

Nautical Star Tattoo on foot for men

North Star

You’ll find this design on navy uniforms and is a common tattoo among people who have served the military. Also known as the pole star tattoo, it shows guidance when you have lost your way, and many sailors also get this tattoo. Veterans, Navy Seal, and Coast Guard members usually wear this tattoo to represent their association with the Navy. Even if you are not in the military, you can get this tattoo to honor a family member who was in the Navy.

North Star Tattoo on chest for men

Lone Star

People who wear this tattoo tend to portray themselves as people who are on a solo journey and have a unique personality. It’s a cool design that allows you to add more color and other textures to make the lone star design stand out.

Lone Star Tattoo on hand

Besides, the State of Texas has adopted “The Lone Star State” as a nickname. It represents pride, defiance, and independence.

Sri Yantra

This tattoo contains nine triangles, and four of them are pointing upwards. They represent the unmanifest power that the universe has. Many people believe this design to be representing the masculine aspect of divinity. Other than this, Sri Yantra is emblematic of Tripura Sundari, the goddess of the beauty of the earth (Bhoo), air (Bhuva), and heaven (Swa).

Sri Yantra Star Tattoo at back for men

Five Star

This star shapes up as a pentagram as it has five-pointed ends. This tattoo represents protection and balance. In Wicca, the four points represent earth, water, air, and fire, whereas the fifth top point symbolizes the Spirit, presiding over other elements. However, if the design is upside down, it can represent evil and darkness. 

Five Star Tattoo for Gentlemen

Sun and Moon with Stars

This is a very common variant and is basically an add-on to the traditional star tattoo. The moon and sun tattoo gives a better overall look and complements the star tattoo. The meaning, in particular, doesn’t change, but it could represent hope in the darkest times.

Beautiful Sun and moon with Star Tattoo for women

Star of David

Another name for this is Hexagram and also known as the Shield of David, which is basically a strong symbol of Judaism. It is a six-pointed star that represents and symbolizes a deeper connection and interaction of the Divine with humans. Hence, you can ink your body with a Hexagram to represent your spiritual side.

Star of David on arm for men

Patrick Star

This is a fun variant of the star tattoo that features the famous cartoon character from the show known as Sponge bob. This tattoo may express the wearer’s personality as a fun- driven person. It shows how the person lives and enjoys every moment.

Patrick star Star Tattoo for men on arm


This particular variant symbolizes richness and rebirth. It is an eight-pointed star design that has a connection with eight-fold systems, such as the Oagdod of ancient Egypt, trigrams, and the pagan wheel of the year.

Octogram Star Tattoo on hand

Filipino Star

This tattoo is more popular among people who belong to the Philippines as this tattoo represents their national flag. Wearers of this tattoo show their deeper connection and how proud they are of their origin. It features an 8-pointed gold sun with three five-pointed stars.

Filipino Star Tattoo at back

Russian Star

This tattoo, also called Vor V Zakone, is more popular among Russian gangsters, prisoners, and criminals. It means thief by law. Members of organized crimes wear this tattoo on their chest and shoulder to make sure people know who they are. Thief’s star tattoo on the knee represents how the wearer will never kneel in front of any other power or law.

Russian men with Star Tattoo

Rub el Hizb Star

This is an Islamic symbol found on several emblems and flags. The word rub in Arabic represents a quarter, and Hizb means a group. This eight-pointed star holds great importance as calligraphers use this symbol to mark the end of a chapter.

Rub el Hixb Star Tattoo on wrist for men

Al-Quds Star

Al-Quds star is another Islamic symbol associated with Jerusalem, Palestine. This eight-pointed star is an adaption of the Rub el Hizb symbol. The pattern of the symbol derives inspiration from the octagonal ground-plan of the Ummayyad’s Rock Dome, also called Dome of the Rock. Note that Jerusalem is the first Qibla, i.e., the direction of prayer in Islam.

Al- Quds Star Tattoo on hand

Texas Star

This is a star variant found on the Texas flag. The five-pointed star represents the characteristics of a good citizen, including loyalty, prudence, fortitude, broad mindedness, and righteousness. The star is famous among wearers who want to portray their loyalty towards their belonging.

Texas Star Tattoo for men

Star of Ishtar

This star is a symbol of the ancient Sumerian goddess named Inanna. This tattoo mainly represents love, war, and fertility. Other than this, it has an importance in the Hebrew Bible.

Star of Ishtar tattoo on wrist for women

Three Star

This tattoo represents a journey that mainly begins from something small and leads to a big outcome. For instance, actors prefer getting this tattoo as it can represent and remind them of the time they were small-town actors and now are movie stars.

Three Star Tattoo on leg

Star Trek

This is a great tattoo idea if you’re a fan of the Star Trek franchise. You’ll have a lot of options to choose from, and you can experiment with the designs to make it unique.

Colorful Trek Star Tattoo

Placement of the Tattoos

No tattoo looks good if the placement isn’t right. Hence, the placement of a tattoo plays a big role and allows the wearer to express their emotions and feelings. Besides, if the wearer wants the tattoo to be private, they can choose an area that isn’t usually visible to anyone else.

Vibrant Black Star Tattoo for men

Since there are so many variants of the star tattoo, you must be wondering how the placement of each tattoo may differ. Well, you’re wrong, because most of these tattoos are popular in places such as the neck, wrist, back, leg, and chest.

Best Placement Ideas for Women

While you can get a tattoo inked at any place of your body, you must know that not every spot is ideal for tattoos. As a woman, some areas of your body can carry a tattoo more beautifully with elegance. Few areas of your body get stretch marks and wrinkles in a very short time due to which your tattoo might fade away, and it will not look the same.

Star Tattoo on finger for women

The most significant fact about tattoo placement is that you must consider the amount of sun exposure. Every area of your body will react differently to a tattoo. Sun exposure on some specific part of your body will make your tattoo look shiny and smooth, but it can also fade the colors or cause sunburn. Below are the ideal areas of your body for getting a star tattoo.

Behind Ear

Placement of a tattoo behind ear is an ancient tradition, which means that the person misses their loved one. Some of us are introverts, so we prefer to hide a tattoo and make it visible only for close friends and family.

Behind the ear Star Tattoo for women


Placement of a tattoo on foot symbolizes beauty and simplicity when you maintain it properly. The designs of a foot tattoo for women are mostly colorful butterflies, flowers, etc. The designs may also be precise and dark, but generally, people prefer small tattoos such as stars on their feet.

Star Tattoo on foot for women

Collar Bone

Tattoo on your outer or upper collar bone is a perfect idea. Many supermodels and actresses carry tattoos near their collar bone and create a whole new look for the star tattoos.

Star Tattoo on shoulder for women


Your inner wrist is one of your body’s most common areas for tattoos, and it is also an ideal one. In ancient times, people believed that the inner wrist radiates spiritual energy. Therefore, this placement for a star tattoo is a great idea for both men and women.

Tiny Star Tattoo for women on wrist

Best Placement Ideas for Men

There are several great placement ideas for men when it comes to star tattoos. As we mentioned, one of the most common areas is the wrist and neck. However, since men prefer bigger images inked on their bodies, here are some placement ideas for men.

Geometric Star Tattoo for men on wrist


If you’re looking for a big star image, the chest would be a perfect pick. This area gives the tattoo more coverage, and the tattoo artist can come up with a design that has more color and texture.

Simple Star Tattoo on chest for men


This particular area is quite common for men who want tattoos because it can portray a confident image of a man. Of course, you must be wondering that the back area isn’t visible to the wearer and others as well. Therefore, if you want a placement where the tattoo is more private, the back is the best position. Besides, tattoos on the upper arm show endurance, strength, and boldness.

Star Tattoo on back for men

Are These Tattoos Decorative?

Since these tattoos have their unique look, you must be wondering if you can be flexible with the design or not. Well, some of these tattoos, as we mentioned, may have connections to certain beliefs and groups of people.

Black Star Tattoo on Finger for men

So, you must first consider whether the tattoo would suit you and if you could relate to its meaning. If it does, you can always ask your tattoo artists to be creative with it and express the meaning you would like.

3D Star Tattoo for men

Sure, tattoos have specific meanings, but a tattoo could always mean something else as well. It always depends on the wearer as to what message they would like to portray.

Are Star Tattoos Still Famous?

Yes, the star tattoo continues to increase in popularity, and because of their unique look, you’ll find many famous celebrities with star tattoos. For instance, Lindsay Lohan , Britney Spears, Aaron Carter, and Megan Fox are a few celebs who stylish carry star tattoos.

Celebs with small Star Tattoo

Some of them have used similar ideas that we have mentioned today. Their followers have also developed a connection with the star tattoo. Besides, the popularity of the star tattoo mainly comes from what it means, and how well one can carry the tattoo. It’s a simple and delicate design yet it can portray powerful meanings.


As you can see, we have shared a handful of star tattoo variants. Each of them has their own specialty and meaning. So, if you’re looking for a star-shaped tattoo, you could go through the ones we have mentioned above. You can also create your own design similar to these, but with a different meaning.

Colorful star tattoo on leg

Remember to find one that suits you and can represent the meaning you’re looking for. Always make sure that your tattoo artist understands your instructions.

Black Star Tattoo for men on chest

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