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The Que Sera Sera Tattoo: Find Out What This Tattoo Means

Nowadays, it is pretty common to see people with tattoos because the perspective on tattoos has changed gradually. There was a time when wearing a tattoo meant you were rebellious or someone with links to the mafia. However, over the years, tattoos have grown in popularity, and people see tattoos as a work of art.

Que sera sera tattoo on wrist for women

People tend to ink their bodies with various designs, shapes, and quotes. The reason behind this action is because the symbol or quote might mean something to them. Tattoos are famous for helping the wearer heal from something traumatizing. Other than this, tattoos can help the wearer remember someone close to them in darkest times.

There are a handful of options when it comes to getting a tattoo. Each design, symbol, and quote has its own special meaning, and sometimes the wearer may use a certain tattoo to represent a different meaning.

Simple Que sera sera tattoo for couple

Today, we are going to discuss the Que Sera Sera tattoo. You’ll find what the tattoo means and what it represents. Continue reading on as this will be educational and fun.

What Is Que Sera Sera?

As the name suggests, it is an Italian phrase however, some people see it as Spanish. The phrase itself translates to whatever will be, will be. It is a phrase that has been around for quite some time, and putting a specific date on it seems impossible. However, the phrase became extremely popular in the 1956 film ‘The man who knew too much’.

Que sera sera with colorful infinity shape

In this film, Doris Day sings a song called que sera sera in answer to what will become of her life. The song grew in popularity and also won the best original song in 1956.

The Meaning Of The Tattoo

As we mentioned earlier, the phrase translates to whatever will be, will be. If you’re wondering what the deeper message behind this phrase is well, the phrase emphasizes that the future is unpredictable. Therefore, one should not focus on what it is achievable in the future instead of focusing on what they can do today.

Que sera sera tattoo on arm for women

The phrase has a strong meaning, which allows the wearer to focus on everyday goals. Other than this, if you fail, this phrase reminds you that anything is still possible. In short, whatever the future has written for you, you shall receive it.

The Best Way To Use This Tattoo 

When it comes to such tattoos, which are phrases and quotes, it is always a great idea to add a bit of texture and design. The overall meaning of the tattoo won’t change, and you can present your tattoo in the best way possible. If you’re wondering what would look best with the que sera sera tattoo, here are some ideas mentioned below;


Such a beautiful and elegant phrase would look great when you add flowers to it. When it comes to flowers, there are a handful of options. However, it would be best to opt for something with an elegant touch and meaning, such as the rose or lotus flower. Both represent love, peace, and purity. Therefore adding a flower to the que sera sera tattoo will give you the flexibility of using a bunch of colors to your tattoo.

Bold Que sera sera tattoo for women


Another simple design to add to your que sera sera tattoo would be feathers. They are simple in design but can add a very good texture when incorporated with a phrase or quote. Feathers also have great meaning; for instance, the Egyptians believed that a feather spotted after a person passed away, meant that the feather was here to guide the persons spirit towards incarnation. Other than this, you’ll have a variety of feathers to choose from, which will allow you to add more meaning to your que sera sera tattoo.

Que sera sera tattoo for men


This is probably the most common tattoo seen on many tattoo wearers. The reason is that this tattoo helps you to add a lot of texture, designs, phrases, and quotes within the tattoo. Therefore, you don’t have to make more place for the que sera sera tattoo when you opt for the heart one along with it. Other than this, placing que sera sera within the heart will also create a beautiful image that will give your tattoo an overall unique and better look.

Que sera sera tattoo with small red  balloon

Placement Of The Tattoo

When it comes to the tattoo, the placement is one of the most crucial factors to consider. If you’re wondering what the best place for the que sera sera tattoo is, well, the forearm, wrist, shoulder, neck, and ankle would be the best. This is because the tattoo itself doesn’t require too much space and looks perfect when it’s smaller.

Que sera sera tattoo on foot for women

If you end up using your whole back area for this tattoo, it will not look as good as it would on the neck or ankle. Therefore, if you’re planning on getting this tattoo, pick on the mentioned above areas and decide where you would like it.

Final Thoughts

When it comes to tattoos, you must make sure the placement is right. Other than this, if you want to add more color, symbols, and designs to it, you must be able to let your tattoo artist know. If you don’t explain it to them, you might end up with something you didn’t want.

Que sera sera tattoo with lotus flower

As you can see, we have mentioned the meaning of this tattoo, and along with that, we have given some useful tips that will help you if you decide to get this tattoo.

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