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The Meaning Behind The Coordinates Tattoo

If you’re on a hunt for the most subtle and vibrant tattoos, then coordinates tattoos are the ideal choice for you. Coordinates tattoos are something you will find tatted on almost every tattoo lover’s body. A few of the main reasons for the high demand for this type of tattoo are its incarnate designs and hidden meanings. There is a lot of mystery attached to these tattoos, as not everyone knows what message these body tags convey, and it tends to leave them curious.

Coordinate Tattoo on wrist for women

Coordinates help you find a specific location using the geographical coordinate system consisting of different numbers. There are usually two rows of numbers representing the vertical and horizontal positions individually. If you look deeper into the meaning, these tattoos help symbolize the longitude and latitude of your life and the situation you’re currently in.

Couple Colorful Coordinate Tattoo on wrist

 You will find one of the deepest meanings attached to these types of tattoos. So if you want to achieve a subtle and meaningful tattoo look, you must look at the meanings and types of coordinates tattoos mentioned below.

The Meaning Behind Coordinates Tattoos

The meaning behind your coordinates tattoos depends on the way the wearer sets the tone of the tat. Your tattoo could symbolize a good memory or a bad one. Your cherished memory could represent a specific location where you grew up or made most of your good memories. In contrast, your bad memory could represent a time period or location where you didn’t have the best experiences. You will forever have these meanings with you in the form of a body tag without having anyone find out the true story behind your coordinates tattoo.

Black Bold Coordinate Tattoo

Another symbolic meaning behind coordinates tattoos is the relationship between specific family members or friends. For instance, your tattoo can symbolize the location of a friend or family member who has been away from you for a long period of time. This is perfect for those people who handle long-distance relationships. Through the tattoos, you can also mark the graveyard location of someone you’ve lost. This type of marking is quite unique and sentimental.

Friendship Coordinate Tattoo on hand

If you’re a travel freak, then this meaning behind coordinate tattoos should really attract you. If you’ve visited and explored new and different places, you can get coordinates marking the specific places you have been to. This is a good way to showcase to people your love for traveling and how you’re making the most of life. You can add different elements with this type of tattoos, such as a world map or globe if you like.

Couple Coordinate Tattoo on forearm

Another cool thing you can represent through your coordinates tattoo is your future goals. Not every tattoo can help you show your goals or objectives. But coordinates tattoos help symbolize and remind you of the things in life you want and the steps you have to take to achieve your goal. This is a good way to keep pushing yourself and never look back. You can also get your birth date incorporated in your coordinates. This tattoo will help symbolize your gratefulness for existing and showcasing appreciation to God for creating you.

Different Style Coordinate Tattoo for women on leg

If you’re mysterious, this is another reason you should get this tattoo, as not many people can decode the hidden meaning in coordinates tattoos. No matter what meaning you use to express in your coordinates tattoo, no one will ever find out unless you tell them yourself. This meaning helps symbolize how you are as a person, a type of person who likes to keep everything private and confidential.

Coordinate Tattoo on body for mwn

As you can see, the meaning behind coordinates tattoos is quite flexible and has many variations. They help symbolize some of the most important events and people in your life, and what better way to showcase that than through an art form.

Coordinates Tattoo Placements

If you want your tattoo to look good, then you must choose the right placement for it. Coordinates tattoos are quite flexible; hence the designs give you ample options to place your tattoo anywhere you like. If you’re going for a standard minimal coordinates tattoo, the best places would be your inner arm, neck, shoulders, behind the neck, wrist, palm, ankle, or hip. If you want to add different elements along with your coordinate tattoo, you can consider tattooing it on your arm, stomach, back, chest, rib cage, and thigh.

Coordinate Tattoo on thigh for women

Types of Coordinates Tattoos

1. Anchor Coordinates Tattoo

If you want a few elements in your tattoo, then you can go for this anchor coordinates tattoo. It consists of a black inked anchor with a small heart at the bottom, and below the anchor, you can include coordinates. These coordinates could mean anything; it could also be a tribunal tattoo for someone you lost at sea where the markings represent the exact location where you lost them.

Anchor Coordinate Tattoo on Arm for men

2. Double Arrow Coordinates Tattoo

Another fun tattoo is this double arrow coordinates tattoo. It comprises two feathered tattoos inked in black going in two different directions. Just above that, there are a few coordinates inked in black and bold font. The arrows on this tattoo represent a direction in finding your way. This could be the direction towards a specific person or a future goal. Along with the coordinates, this tattoo is quite meaningful.

Double Arrow Coordinate Tattoo on leg for women

3. Minimal Coordinates Tattoo

You can stay simple and discreet by getting this minimal coordinates tattoo. This tattoo includes only a few coordinates inked in simple black ink, placed above each other. If you want to add something unique or make it look exceptional, you can change up the font or add color. But the simple look goes well.

Rose with Coordinate Tattoo for women

Other Types

  • Nautical Star Coordinates Tattoo
  • Map Coordinates Tattoo
  • Watercolor Coordinates Tattoo
  • Floral Coordinates Tattoo
Coordinate Tattoo on forearm for men


Now you’re aware of the different meanings associated with coordinates tattoos. The real question is, are you ready to showcase and symbolize something deep and meaningful through these trendy discreet tattoos? Coordinates tattoos are the perfect way to achieve that meaningful minimal tattoo look. It’s a tattoo that everyone should get, no matter how smaller a design you go for. The meaning it provides is something everyone should experience. So now that you’re lucky enough to come across these different meanings, you must give coordinates tattoos a try.

Coordinate Tattoo on wrist for women

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