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Tattoos That Represent Womanhood

People get tattoos for various reasons. Tattoos are a way for people to create their own identity, which makes them feel good and look different from others. Tattoos create a unique personality for the individual, which results in building more confidence. Tattoos also work as a motivation to make people feel better about themselves and even accept themselves as who they are.

Tattoo for Women

Every tattoo portrays a different message and has a deeper meaning. The person with the tattoo can only determine what the tattoo represents. Men and women around the world ink their bodies to express their emotions, identity, and personality through these tattoos.

Women, too, ink their bodies with various symbols due to many reasons. Continue reading this article as we’ll discuss the 10 most common tattoos used by women that also represent womanhood.


This tattoo is popular among women due to their high feminine nature. Not only that, but they are pretty and have a beautiful message behind them. Butterflies symbolize a meaning for a truly unique woman. It symbolizes their desire to spread their wings and be free and not to feel or be trapped.

Colorful Butterfly Tattoo

Women tend to have a feeling they don’t have the right to do what they want, and this tattoo expresses freedom for women. The tattoo comes in various shapes and colors, and they also symbolize beauty and delicacy, which is the perfect image for women in the eyes of men. Women use this tattoo as inspiration to go about their days feeling free to do what they want.

Butterfly Tattoo at Back


Star Tattoo on Hand

This tattoo is common among men and women but represents a deeper message for women. The tattoo symbolizes an image of a free spirit, truth, and hope that women desire. Stars also have different religious connections.

Star Tattoo on Toenail

The true reason for women getting the star tattoo is because of the deeper message within. Stars light up the dark sky and are beautiful. This meaning behind stars makes women wish to have this tattoo to represent their personality as same as the star.

Dragon Flies

Dragon Tattoo on Wrist

We all know what they look like; they are delicate, captivating sentient beings that have a beautiful texture due to various colors. This is a tattoo that is very feminine and one of the reasons why women prefer to ink themselves with it.

Dragon Tattoo at Back

Not only that, but the tattoo also symbolizes prosperity, good luck, and peace. The real reason why women opt for this tattoo is dragonflies don’t live for too long; the tattoo symbolizes that life is short to live in grief and depression.

Dragon Tattoo on shoulder


Women tend to go through a lot of adversity in the early stages of their life. They fall in love, have heartbreaks, well even men go through this, but women tend to hold on to everything. The sun tattoo represents a new beginning, endurance, and strength, which motivates women to get up and move on in life.

Sun Tattoo on wrist

The sun tattoo also portrays an image of fertility and rebirth, something women can relate too.

Sexy Sun Tattoo


The sun, star and moon tattoos are unique in their own ways and have a deep connection that women understand. That is why we have all three on our list today.

Moon Tattoo

The moon represents eternity, mystery, energy, and life. This is why the tattoo is used by women who look for something special in life or are looking to change their lifestyle. The moon tattoos come in 2 shapes, which are the full moon and half, both represent a deeper message that women understand and try to portray for themselves as individuals.


Rose tattoos are common in both men and women for each, it has a different meaning. Men who have gone through terrible moments in life use the tattoo as a reminder to get through their past and move on.

Rose Tattoo on forearm

Women use the tattoo because of its delicate and beautiful nature. The tattoo for women represents and inner and outer beauty, the tattoo is attractive and thus loved and used by many women.

Rose Tattoo on leg


This tattoo clearly represents freedom. Women who have this tattoo know nobody owns them and aren’t answerable to anyone. This creates an image of independence that women want since they seem to always be controlled by others.

Wings Tattoo On Back Of A Woman

This tattoo is usually inked on the back to showcase an image that women have wings to fly and are not locked up in any way.


We all know what an anchor does, so understanding what meaning it represents is pretty simple. Women tend to use this tattoo to show loyalty towards their significant other, and it is an image that lets others know she’s committed in her relationship.The anchor expresses such a beautiful message “loyalty,” which is so hard to find these days.

anchor Tattoo on hand


These tattoos come in various shapes, sizes, and colors and express different meanings such as power, fierce, purity, and in some jealousy.

Dragon Tattoo at Back

Due to the various designs, women can choose what fits their personality perfectly. A tattoo that will give them a sense of power and confidence which women truly desire.

Dragon Tattoo on Leg


The meaning behind the heart tattoo is obvious – it’s love. Women use the tattoo to express their love and passion for someone who means a lot to them. The heart tattoo sometimes has a quotation with the name of a lover or a fallen loved one.

Heart Tattoo on Foot for Women

The tattoo creates a beautiful image of love and is very common among women.

Love Tattoo on hand


As you can see, the above tattoos are the most common among women, and the reason for that is quite clear. Getting your body inked to represent something is a big step, and if you’re looking to do so, make sure to find the right color, design, and symbol that fits perfectly with your personality.

Heart Tattoo on Neck

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