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Tattoos That Represent Love for Parents

Getting a tattoo can be a very intimidating and difficult decision, which makes tattoos dedicated to your parents a safe bet. Show your love for your parents and all that they have done for you through a beautiful tattoo.

Tattoo Designs and Ideas

Tattoos are more than just ink. Sure these masterpieces look incredibly beautiful, but they also hold deep emotional meanings. For some, tattoos are also therapeutic, as it helps them get over or come to terms with changes in their lives. And nowhere is this most apparent than with tattoos that represent love for your parents.

So to help you show off some of that love, here are a few designs and ideas to get you started.

Lighthouse Tattoos

Lighthouses are a very common tattoo among aficionados, as this particular design has significant symbolic meaning. A lighthouse guides ships to the shore, and some people are looking for that light in their life. For many this light at the end of the tunnel is their parents.

You can add names of your parents to the tattoo, and dedicate it to them.

Lighthouse tattoo on wrist for parents.
Lighthouse tattoo on hand.

Quotes Dedicated To Your Parents

If you are not looking to get a very big tattoo and instead just want something simple, a quote dedicated to your parents can be just the thing. You can either get quotes of celebrities or influencers, or quote something your parents say on a daily basis. This can either be something very inspirational or more lighthearted, the choice is yours. Here are some quotes to get you started.

A father’s goodness is higher than the mountain, a mother’s goodness deeper than the sea. 

Japanese Proverb

No matter how far we come, our parents are always in us.

Brad Meltzer
"I am because you are" Quote tattoo on hand of a woman.
"Thanks for life Mon and Dad" Quote Tattoo

Puzzle Piece Tattoos

Puzzle piece tattoos are a very quiet and simple way of showing your love for your family. These creative tattoos are especially great when your parents also have a similar puzzle piece tattoo. The tattoo signifies that the wearer is a part of a much larger puzzle.

Puzzle Piece Tattoo on Neck of a woman.
Puzzle Piece Tattoo on Hand.
Like Mother Like Daughter Puzzle Piece Tattoo On Hand.

The best part about this particular tattoo is just how easy it is to hide, seeing its small shape and minimalist design. This minimalist design also makes it a comparatively cheaper option. You can also add some writing beneath your tattoo to make it look unique.

Portraits of Your Parents

Now this can be too much of a commitment for some people, but this can be a very nice tattoo to dedicate to your parents. A portrait of them as a tattoo can really show how much you care about them. But remember, if you are looking for a tattoo with a lot more detail, it will cost you a lot more.

Portrait Tattoo.
Portrait Tattoo.

Heart Tattoos

Heart tattoos are another great way for you to show the love that you have for your family. Hearts with names in them, or a heart with a name and date is beautiful designs that look exceptionally well. The best part about the heart design is that it is considerably cheaper and will take much less space than most other tattoos.

Heart Tattoo With Mom Dad Written On It.
Heart Tattoo WIth Date And Mom Dad Written.
Mom Dad Written On Heart Tattoo

Infinity Symbols

Similar to the heart tattoo, you can also get a tattoo of the infinity sign along with a name. If you are feeling especially stylish, you can have a name written in cursive, and from there form an infinity symbol that connects back to the name. This particular look is very beautiful and symbolizes an everlasting bond with that person. If you are dedicating this tattoo to a parent who passed, you can also add the date of when they passed.

Infinity Symbol Tattoo With Date And Name Written On It.
Infinity Symbol Tattoo With Mom Dad Written.

Flower Tattoos

When getting a tattoo in general, your safest bet is getting one of a flower. Flowers are beautiful and can symbolize a strong love for someone, even your parents. One of the most common tattoos that people dedicate to their parents is of a rose and an imprint alongside it. It is simple and conveys the message perfectly. You can also apply this particular idea to the heart tattoo as well.

Flower Tattoo For Parents.

Shlokas or Poems Dedicated To Your Parents

If your parents are fond of poems, a poem tattoo dedicated to them is sure to put a smile on their face. Poems dedicated to your parents can be very heartfelt, and very light on the wallet. Smaller tattoos like poems will be a lot less painful as well, and can save you a lot of time.

If you are planning to get something more exotic, then shlokas can be a two line poems that look great as a tattoo. Here is one to help you get started:

सर्वतीर्थमयी माता सर्वदेवमयः पिता
मातरं पितरं तस्मात् सर्वयत्नेन पूजयेत्

This talks about how a person should love and respect their mother and father, as it is their sacred duty.

This talks about how a person should love and respect their mother and father, as it is their sacred duty.

'Matru Pitru Devo Bhava' Tattoo On hand.
मातृ पितृ देवो भव:।
Above shloka means mother and father are equivalent to god.
'Pitahi param tap pita sarva devta' Shloka Tattoo On Hand
।। पितहि परम् तप पिता सर्व देवता ।।
Meaning Father is ultimate sacrifice. Father is equivalent (or placed higher) to all Gods.

Names of Your Parents

Another great way that you can honor your parents is by getting their names as tattoos. You can get their name in simple bold letters or you can go for a better cursive writing of your parents. And if your parent has passed, you can write their dates onto your tattoo as well.

These tattoos can especially look good on the forearms, chest, and the shoulder towards the back. Since chest tattoos emphasize that, the tattoo is close to the heart, it is the perfect place for a tattoo like this.

Animal Tattoos

One of the best tattoos that you can dedicate to your parents is of two animals, often with one big and one small. This shows the love between a mother and a child.Or you can add a picture of two animals with a smaller animal, which shows a child with their parents. You can either go for a realistic art style , or you can opt for a minimalist design. We prefer the minimalist design, as it is much cuter than a realistic version.

Elephant Family Tattoo On Hand.
Elephant Tattoo With Family.
Lion With Cub Tattoo
Elephant Family Tattoo On Hand.


Getting a tattoo is a monumental decision, which requires a lot of thought and consideration. But once you get the tattoo you will have to be careful with it. Keep it away from the sun and keep it clean at all times to avoid an infection. You should also avoid washing the tattooed area too much, as it can lead to itching.

In conclusion, dedicate a part of your body to your parents, like they have dedicated both time and money to you.

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