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Snowflake Tattoo Meaning And Cool Designs

Snowflakes are magical, symmetrical and delicate. Every single snowflake that falls in the winter is unique. Snowflakes are sharp, sparkly crystals that fall when temperatures are below freezing. If you catch a snowflake on your fingertips, you can see the distinct shape that it forms. Nowadays, people post magnified images of snowflakes that really show their intricacy.

No two snowflakes are alike. Snow is a cluster of ice crystals that form in the atmosphere and retain their shape as they collectively fall upon Earth. They form when the atmosphere is cold enough to prevent them from fusing or melting and becoming sleet or rain.

Snowflake Tattoos For Introverts

Because every flake is unique, some people choose to get snowflakes tattooed on their body because they represent solitude. People who are introverted and who appreciate the beauty of winter snowfall might choose to get a snowflake tattoo.

One Of A Kind Personality

A popular reason to get a snowflake tattoo is because no two flakes are the same. This represents how a person sees themselves, as unique. Being unique and finding out what makes you different from others can be a very difficult journey. To celebrate this new self discovery or the path to it, a snowflake tattoo is the perfect choice. All you have to do is pick which unique design to choose.

Snowflake For Frozen Fans

Frozen was a huge hit. A princess who knows she needs to be locked away because her powers are so strong they she may harm the people she loves – including her sister. A popular idea is to tattoo a few blue snowflakes with a few words from the movie’s main song “Let it go”.

Snowflake Tattoo On Wrist with Let It Go written on it.

Snowflake Tattoo Styles

Snowflakes tattoo can be in a variety of style. You can go for one that has minimal line work and plain black. Another style can be a 3D effect that highlights its geometric shape. This style of design can also accentuate the crystal shine and gleam a snowflake has.

3D Snowflake Tattoo on Shoulder.

Snowflakes are also perfect to turn into mandala styles. They are symmetrical and therapeutic which is exactly what a mandala style is for. An upcoming trend for snowflake tattoos is to use negative space. Black takes up the negative space and outlines the snowflake which is left as white or blank on the skin.  Last but not least, a snowflake tattoo can also be done in white which makes its presence minimal and delicate.

Snowflake Tattoo on neck with negative effect.
Snowflake Tattoo on back with water color negative effect.
White Snowflake Tattoo.

Snowflake Colors And Shapes

Snowflakes can also act as prisms to create a beautiful picture. Instead of being white, they reflect the sun rays and can be a variety of different colors. The most popular is seeing a tint of blue which reflect the blue sky, but if the sun hits the flake correctly, all the colors of the rainbow will show.

Water Color Snowflake Tattoo on Hand.

There are two types of snowflake shapes in general. One is the iconic flat star, with either six or 12 points, each decorated with matching branches of lace in a dizzying array of possibility. The other is a column, sometimes sandwiched by flat caps and sometimes resembling a bolt from a hardware store. These different shapes occur at different temperatures and humidities, but the reason for this has been a mystery.

Snowflake Tattoo Placement

A small snowflake can go anywhere. On the finger, wrist or somewhere on the arm. It is a perfect addition for anyone who has a few little mini tattoos in the same area. A bigger snowflake with a 3D style is perfect on the shoulder or on the back. Some people have also put a cute little snowflake behind their ear.

Checkout some cool snowflake tattoos.

Purple & Blue Snowflake Tattoo on side of a girl.
Snowflake Tattoo On Hand.
Snowflake Tattoo On Thigh Of A Girl.
Snowflake Tattoo on neck.
Blue Snowflake Tattoo On side of a woman.
Snowflake Tattoo on leg of a woman.
Snowflake Tattoo on hand.
Snowflake Tattoo for woman.
Snowflake Tattoo on shoulder of a woman.
Snowflake Tattoo on wrist.
Snowflake Tattoo on pierced ear.
Snowflake Tattoo on wrist.
Snowflake Tattoo with hot and cold fusion.
Snowflake Tattoo on side of a man.
Blue and Purple Snowflake Tattoo behind the ear of a girl having pierced ear.
Snowflake Tattoo on side of a girl.
Snowflake Tattoo on leg of a girl.
Snowflake Tattoo on back of a woman.
Snowflake Tattoo on hand.
Snowflake Tattoo On Leg.
Snowflake Tattoo for girls.
Snowflake Tattoo On Ear.
Snowflake Tattoo on wrist.

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