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Reflective Mirror Tattoo Meaning

Mirror tattoos are classic and perfect for anyone who wants to add a vintage touch to their skin. Mirrors of all shapes and sizes can be added almost anywhere on the body. The mirror’s border can be intricate with a lot of detail and be the main artistic element of the tattoo.  Other artists attempt to create an image inside the mirror which can be tricky to accomplish but look amazing if done well.

Mirror Tattoo for women at back

Magical Mirrors

Mirrors have a long history of being a powerful instrument. They reflect light and show the image of what they see. Light is a representation of wisdom and awareness. It is not surprising that a mirror holds so much symbolism.

Mirror Tattoo for men

From a psychological and spiritual perspective, mirrors reflect the truth. They show us how reality really is when we cannot see it. It is the gateway between the conscious mind and the unconscious mind. And what a person may find may be surprising.

Mirror Tattoo and quote on Back

Mirror Symbolism People

A tattoo of a mirror can mean a number of things. One theory is that the mirror represents an important person in the individual’s life. That person was able to help the individual see their own reflection as they truly are. Sometimes it can be hard to play the role of the mirror, but when appreciated, it can take an individual to new levels in terms of self-awareness.

Hand Mirror Tattoo on Leg

Mirrors can signify mothers, sisters, wives or a girl’s best friend. The mirror is usually associated with a female person due to its popularity with the sex. Even the shape of a handheld mirror is similar to the symbol of the female. An empty mirror can also symbolize our isolation from the world. Like vampires, reflection in a mirror is not possible and there is no one who can help us understand ourselves.

Brave Reflection Tattoo

Mirrors With Dreams

A lot of mirror tattoos have an image drawn in as the reflection. This can be anything that the person dreams of or sees themselves as in their imagination. There are mirror tattoos with castles and a fairy tale landscape or mirror tattoos with cats and other animals that the person relates to. The mirror tattoo is a perfect canvas to go deeper and reflect what you dream of.

Mirror with a dream Tattoo

Broken Mirror Tattoo

A broken mirror has a popular connotation of bad luck. Although quite negative, it can sometimes be healthy to admit that you have been through or going through a difficult time. A broken mirror tattoo can symbolize this moment in one’s life. It can also represent that no matter what happens to you, you can rise above bad luck and even get it tattooed on your body! For example, a mirror shaped like a heart with the glass broken can represent getting over a breakup.

Broken Mirror Tattoo on thigh

Some people go even further and make the broken tattoo extremely intricate. They add a reflection in the mirror and create a shatter effect. This shows that whatever was in the reflection has been destroyed. It can range from anything including a bad moment in one’s life or a negative person that one got away from.

Broken Mirror Tattoo on hand for men

Mirror Border Tattoo Designs

The border is where artists can get really creative. Some people opt for a vintage style with a heavy border filled with emblems. This can be done in a simple black and white, a dirty silver or even gold and black. The key element here is to make it look heavy.

Mirror and Cat Tattoos

Another popular choice is to add some floral features to the border. Roses are a popular choice for this style. To make it balance, add a rose to the bottom right corner and also the top left corner. The flowers can add a burst of color to the border if the border is done in black and white ink.

Mirror Tattoo on forearm.

If you are into geometric shapes and mandalas, your imagination is the limit. It is possible to incorporate these features into a mirror tattoo. All you need to do is find the right artist that can sketch out what you would like to have as a border.

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