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Powerful Nefertiti Tattoo Meanings and Ideas

The Egyptian civilization came with some of the strongest females, and one of the favorites has to be the powerful queen Nefertiti. Nefertiti was known as one of the most beautiful women in history, and is a great inspiration for many women to this as she represents many powerful traits. This is one of the reasons why men and women till today like getting a tattoo of Nefertiti as it gives them a feeling of strength, dominance and beauty.

Nefertiti Tattoo for women

If you think this tattoo isn’t popular, famous pop star Rhianna has a tattoo of the queen Nefertiti on her ribs. Rhianna’s tattoo also inspired many of her fans to look into this tattoo and get it tatted. If you want to achieve something as unique and powerful like the Nefertiti tattoo, then you must stick around and read more about it. Over here you will come across the eman8ing of Nefertiti tattoo, and also a few tattoo ideas.

The Meaning behind Nefertiti Tattoo

As you’re already aware Nefertiti was one of the ruling queens of Egypt during 1353-36BCE. She had a major association with At on who was the son God to all Egyptians. There is not much found about Nefertiti as Historians haven’t discovered her body which is said in many transcripts. But as far as whatever findings people have come across, Nefertiti was a great inspiration for many women, and still is till today.

Cool Tattoo for women

A Nefertiti tattoo marks feminine power, and how women have the right instincts and control to rule a whole country or region. Getting a tattoo of Nefertiti reminds females that they are capable of many great things, no matter how many times they have had to hear this statement  “this is a man’s job” this shouldn’t allow them to quite doing something that has more of a masculine control. Such tattoos give women the confidence and inspiration to do great things in life, and this is the beauty of tattoos

Since this tattoo comes with a lot of history you could get it to show appreciation to the historians or the old civilizations that many people tend to forget. It is a good way to symbolize how history makes us what we are today, and it is important to remember the historical people and events that took place centuries ago.  Nefertiti also symbolizes strength and power.

Tattoo near ear for women

There are times where we tend to forget how powerful we are, and tend to shadow these traits and underestimate ourselves. Everyone comes with strength and power, it’s how you choose to us the power you have. Getting a tattoo of Nefertiti can remind you of how powerful you are, and also showcase to others your strength and the effort you put in everyday.

Many historians believe that Nefertiti was the queen of beauty, especially with the meaning it has against her name. Nefertiti tattoos also helps remind women that all women are beautiful, and it’s not only about the beauty on the outside, but it’s the beauty on the inside. Thinking you’re ugly or unfit can really put down your self-esteem, and that’s the last thing anyone need. SO for a good reminder of how beautiful you are inside out you should consider getting a Nefertiti tattoo.

Classy Tattoo for women

Lastly, Nefertiti tattoo also symbolizes devotion which is a very unique trait represented through tattoos. If you’re the type of person who gives their full devotion when it comes to working on a particular thing, then a Nefertiti tattoo is the right tat to go for. This devotion also means devoting yourself to your family or a partner. Nefertiti symbolizes devotion, and she was fully devoted in ruling Egypt, and surely did her best.

It’s hard to ignore a tattoo with so much rich and historic meaning. Once you have a tattoo design in front of you, it may be easier for you to link with the meanings accordingly.

Nefertiti Tattoo Placement Options

You need to choose the right placement if you want to showcase your Nefertiti tattoo the right way. To choose the right place you first have to select a design, and according to the size and design you can select a placement accordingly. If you’re going for a small or medium-sized Nefertiti tattoo, then you can consider getting it tattooed on your arm, fingers, ankle, neck, collar bone, or behind the ear.

Tattoo on hand

Small Nefertiti tattoos are very cool and modern, and would look amazing on the fingers. If you plan to go for a big Nefertiti tattoo, then you can consider getting it on your full arm, thighs, legs, back, chest, stomach or rib cage. Choosing a placement may seem very overwhelming, but once you have a design in mind it becomes very easy to choose the correct placement.

Types of Nefertiti Tattoos

Realistic Sketched Nefertiti Tattoo

If you want to achieve something realistic and simple, then this sketched Nefertiti tattoo is what you should go for. This tattoo includes a black and grey inked portrait of Queen Nefertiti with some intense detailing. With the help of correct shading and contouring, the tattoo artist successfully achieves a realistic touch in this tattoo.

Sketched Nefertiti Tattoo on chest

Geometric Nefertiti Tattoo

Achieve a unique touch in your tat by going for this Nefertiti geometric tattoo. This tattoo consist of a sideways portrait of Nefertiti inked in black and grey showcasing her beauty with the help of some amazing details. For an additional touch the artist has added in some dotted geometrical shapes, and had tatted Nefertiti within a shaded black diamond.

Geometric Nefertiti Tattoo

Floral Nefertiti Tattoo

For a more feminine touch you can go for this floral Nefertiti tattoo, and achieve some beautiful body art. This tattoo features a portrait of Nefertiti looking sideways within an oval frame, and on the side are a few beautiful flowers. The details in this tattoo are marvelous and helps make it realistic.

Floral NefertitiTattoo

The Bottom-Line

Nefertiti Tattoo is something you can’t ignore especially if you are all about female power and strength. It’s amazing how till today Nefertiti is regarded as someone of strength and power. Her tattoos are a good reminder of not to give up, and always keep your head high in a very challenging society. So get ready to achieve some amazing body art with a Nefertiti tattoo.

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