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Pocket Watch Tattoo Meaning & Symbolism of this Timeless Piece

Tattoos have become a way to express our true emotions and identity without using words. This freedom to convey your thoughts through art can boost confidence in an individual. Over the years, tattoos have become popular as an art form.

Pocket Watch Tattoo on forearm for men

Each tattoo, whether it is a symbol or design, has a different meaning. For instance, a rose tattoo represents love; however, the meaning could differ for some individuals. Some tattoos are symbolic and have different interpretations, such as the pocket watch tattoo.

Pocket Watch Tattoo  on thigh for girl

You will find various watch pocket tattoo ideas, like a vintage sundial, stopwatch, old pocket watch, pocket watch with rose, etc. Continue reading to find more about this tattoo and how the meaning may differ along with different symbols.

Pocket Watch Tattoo: What Does it Mean?

Carrying a pocket watch was quite a famous trend in the late 18th and early 19th centuries. Men would often carry pocket watches as a personal timepiece; it was a symbol of affluence and gentle personality. The pocket watch has a vintage appeal, and its material is usually gold or silver. Even after centuries, it is still a symbol of sophistication and social status.

Pocket Watch Tattoo

In the tattoo world, a pocket watch represents the importance of time. It can commemorate a special event such as child’s birth, wedding anniversary, the birthday of someone you like, etc. People who wear pocket watch tattoos are usually brave, thoughtful, optimistic, and disciplined. It can remind you to live in the moment and move on in life.

Pocket Watch with Rose Tattoo

As a symbolic representation of elegance, you may find several people with a pocket watch tattoo. You can get a pocket watch tattoo inked anywhere on the body with incredible details and customization. You can also pair it with different elements, such as a rose or heart.

Pocket Watch Tattoo  with Rose for men

Rose is a beautiful flower that personifies romance and love; rose tattoos are also quite popular. Pocket watch with rose not only represents love and beauty, but is also an expression of hope, promise, thoughtfulness, and a new beginning. It depicts that you are ready to unfold a new chapter in life.

Pocket Watch with Chain Tattoo

While thinking about a pocket watch, you will envision a round metallic watch attached to a metallic chain. Chain of a pocket watch is the essential part that enhances its beauty and gives it that vintage vibe. Hence, a chain with your pocket watch tattoo can represent elegance and sophistication.

Pocket Watch Key Chain Tattoo

It also shows how sensitive you are for your essentials, and you are always concern about your loved ones’ safety. It may also represent how you want to keep your family and friends closer to you.

Pocket Watch with Skull Tattoo

Skulls or skeletons are among the most popular tattoos, and you can have them with your pocket watch tattoo. Skull represents death, end of time, and transformation. On the other hand, pocket watches also depict new beginnings and moving on in life, leaving your past behind.

Pocket Watch Tattoo  with skull

Whether you can have a skeleton or skull inside the pocket watch or outside, it’s an option, but both will look pretty cool. Together, these symbols convey a strong message that is not to stop. These tattoos symbolize that time is precious, and one day death will come. But before that, you should live every moment.

Pocket Watch with Heart Tattoo

Heart tattoo symbolizes many things such as religion, love, spiritual being, etc. You can have your pocket watch with a heart tattoo in many shapes, styles, colors, and designs. This means your pocket watch tattoo with a heart can represent both value and love at the same time.

Pocket Watch Tattoo  at back for men

For instance, it can mean that you will always stand by the people you love and protect them no matter what the situation is. Moreover, you can place this tattoo anywhere on your body. People usually get this tattoo inked on their hip, foot, ankle, forearm, and wrist.

Pocket Watch with Winged Heart Tattoo

Pocket watch tattoo with a winged heart often symbolizes free spirit, freedom, and independence. Hence, people express their happy go lucky nature and joyful personality with such tattoos. This type of tattoo also means that you do not have any bad habits or addiction.

Pocket Watch Tattoo  with heart shape on stomach

Pocket Watch with Black Heart Tattoo

The black color usually represents sorrow and sadness. Most people get a pocket watch with a black heart tattoo as a reminder of a sad day. They express their grief on losing a relative, loved one, or close friend with a pocket watch featuring a black heart tattoo. It can also be a memorial of a tragic incident, such as your parent’s death anniversary. You can have their death date inked near the watch or heart.

Pocket Watch Tattoo  with roses and skull on chest for men

Broken Pocket Watch Tattoo

Broken pocket watch tattoo often reminds of your past lover or a lost loved one. Some people carry this tattoo to show a long-distance relationship or as a reminder of their blessings. A broken pocket watch is not a traditional design, but they are one of the interesting ideas. They also symbolize ignorance or delusional sense of time.

Broken Pocket Watch Tattoo for men

You can add any element with your pocket watch tattoo as the options are endless. These designs generally depend on how you wish to express your personality. Below are the most common meaning or broken pocket watch tattoo.

 Broken Pocket Watch Tattoo – Endless Love

Broken pocket watch also symbolizes your endless love for people you love the most, including your parents, children, wife, or friend. You can add flowers, hearts, stars, or angels in this tattoo design to make it look more beautiful. This means you value people and their love even when you are not together.

Pocket Watch Tattoo  on Arm for men

 Broken Pocket Watch Tattoo – Life and Death

Time represents life and death; it symbolizes the life cycle, which never stops. This means a broken pocket watch tattoo also depicts the two biggest realities, i.e., life and death. People usually adorn their skin with such tattoos as a reminder to cherish every moment and value our life and others, as we all will die one day.

Beautiful long Pocket Watch Tattoo  for women


We will advise you to choose a thoughtful tattoo because it will stay with you for your life. The meaning of pocket watch tattoo revolves around a special event or person. These events or people may have brought a powerful change in your life.

Big Pocket Watch Tattoo  on Forearm for men

It is a reminder of the ups and downs you have faced. Even after ages, you will smile every time you see your meaningful tattoo. So it would be better to choose wisely and do your research properly.

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