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20 Peacock Feather Tattoos And The Beautiful Meanings Behind Them


On the one hand you have tattoo designs, and then on the other you have beautiful peacock feather tattoos. Not only are these designs beautiful to admire, they can be associated with a huge array of different meanings that connect with the wearer.

Before you rush out and get all inked up with a magnificent peacock feather as the focal point of your design, see how closely you relate to this small sampling of meanings.

The Gentle Side of the Female

One of the ways a woman can express herself in a tattoo is by having the peacock feather tattoos displayed in different parts of her body. These beautiful, gentle, and stunning designs are just an extension of her beauty inside.

The peacock tattoo can be representative of rebirth, spiritual evaluation, or creativity, and look amazing on the ribs, lower back, or the neck.

Being Proud as a Peacock

While the expression, being proud as a peacock, dates back to the 14th century, it still is widely used today for someone who knows they have what it takes and are not afraid to say it.

While some perceive this design to be slightly arrogant, that is fine by many tattoo wearers who are more than happy to get up in your face about their choice of ink.

Peacock and the All-Seeing Eye

Within the design of the peacock feather is what appears to be an eye, and that is part of the reason the peacock is also known as the bird of 100 eyes. The reference is directly related to the pattern of the eye that appears in its feathers, and these little birds are also thought to be all-seeing.

This design today is symbolic of a person who has an open mind, someone who sees the world with both their eyes open, or someone that is definitely not afraid of the challenges that lie ahead.
Religious Connection to the Peacock
For those who hold their connection to Christianity close to their heart, the peacock feather tattoo design takes on yet another mysterious meaning.

During early Christian times, the flesh of the peacock was believed to be high quality, something that could not go bad. The feathers of the peacock gave the peacock the status of a sacred emblem.

Today, the peacock feather are symbolic of a pure soul, one that can’t be corrupted, somebody that stands for resurrection and immortality.

The Mother and Child

What is more beautiful that the gift of birth another gives to her child? In ancient Chinese culture, they believed that if the peacock looked at a woman who had problems conceiving, that she would then able to get pregnant.

This superstition is alive and well today, and many women still believe the peacock feather tattoos could actually help them to conceive. Expecting mothers also believe that the peacock feathers bring easy labor and unlimited fortune to their newborn baby.

The next time you see somebody sporting peacock feather tattoos, you might want to think outside the box if you are not sure the meaning. While visually stunning in appearance, they could be representative of people who are honest, patient, optimistic, and good-hearted.

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