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Mouth-Watering Food Tattoo Designs

While eating is necessary to survival, food does more for us as humans. You will agree that it comforts us in times of loneliness, acts as a stress-reliever, and also tastes delicious. We all love food so much for so many things it does for us apart from keeping us alive. So, it should be no surprise when it also turns into body art. Let’s have a look at different food tattoo ideas to help you decide on your next tattoo.

Food Tattoo design in finger for women

Food Tattoo Design Ideas and What They Symbolize

There are numerous different kinds of foods further divided into different kinds of food items, which also come in numerous variants. This suggests that each specific food item can be inked on your body if it means something to you. Or even if you just think that will look cool on your finger or on your arm. Let’s have a look at how people have gotten inked in different food tattoos and how you can get similar designs with a few personal touches.


Are you the kind of person who can’t function unless you get your morning dose of caffeine? You might want to get a mug of coffee tatted if you wish your daily routine to now also be a permanent part of your body. There are so many different ways that you can design a coffee mug into a tattoo. You can add elements like a light-colored heart to add a soft feminine touch or have the cup filled in with vibrant color. Or, there are lots of other ways you can play around with this food tattoo design. You can get a fine art coffee mug tattoo and add a watercolor effect to it. Or, you can also go for a simple outlined tattoo in black ink.

Cool Coffee Tattoo for couple on wrist and leg

Placement: It is a minimalist tattoo design that works almost anywhere on the body. It will look best on one end of your wrist or the side of your neck.


A soda bottle can represent a lot of memories, good and bad. If you have had some of your best times with your besties over soda, we think you might want to get a tatted tattoo of it. This can also serve as a subtle tattoo in remembrance of your friend. Or, you and your friends can get matching soda bottle tattoos since you all have bonded with soda bottles in hand. A soda bottle tattoo looks great when you choose something simple, such as a black and gray sketch of a cola. However, you can also choose to get a colored sketch tattoo if you wish.

Superb Soda tattoo on hand for men

Placement: If you are using our idea and getting it as a matching tattoo with your friends, the best place would be the inside of your finger or wrist. Or, if you are the only one getting inked with a bottle, choose a part on your arm or leg.


We believe there are pizza lovers all around the world. If you belong to the pizza army, what’s a better food tattoo than a pizza tattoo? There are so many fun ways you can instruct your tattoo artist to create a unique pizza design. You can go all the way into getting a mouth-watering illustration tatted, or you can choose a cute tiny form of your favorite Italian food. You can ask your artist to add vibrant colors if you want your pizza tattoo to look realistic. On the other hand, if you want to add the fun element, you can get face-like pepperoni or work olives as the eyes.

Classy Pizza Slice Tattoo for women

Placement: If you are going for a real-looking huge slice of pizza, your arm is the most appropriate choice. However, the acute minimalist version of it can fit almost anywhere.

French Fries

French fries are another fast-food item that most people love, and this could be true for you as well. They are a playful option as this food tattoo allows you to unleash all your creative tendencies. You can get a pack of French fries tatted in black ink as an outline, or you can get a detailed black and gray sketch if that is what you prefer. However, we think that a tattoo of French fries will look great if you use colored ink. What’s more? You can make it look cute, too, if you add a comic illustration feel to it.

French Fries Tattoo on leg for men

Placement: This is another food tattoo that will look amazing on parts of your body that are typically covered by clothes. You can choose your forearm or your neck for a tattoo of French fries.


While there may not be a lot of candy-lovers out there, we are sure a lot of people prefer candies over other deserts. Also, don’t we all have some candy every now and then as a quick sweet treat? If you are looking for a cute and unique food tattoo idea, your search ends right here. You can choose your favorite candy and head over to the tattoo parlor. Your tattoo artist will love experimenting with a candy tattoo as it is not a very common design.

While it is not as popular as other food tattoo ideas, it is one you can design in many different ways. You can choose to have a simple sketch of the candy or the wrapper it comes in. Then you can choose whether you like it simple or want some color to it. Or, you can combine tattoo styles like watercolor tattoos and fine art to create a playful design.

Tiny Candy tattoo for women on hand

Placement: If you are going for something like a huge lollipop, the best placement option would be your arm or leg. Or, if you want a minimalist candy tattoo, choose your forearm, wrist, or ankle.

Final Thoughts

The above-mentioned are just a few tattoo design ideas. You can choose your favorite food item and work it in using different tattoo styles or a combination of two or three.  The placement varies according to the size of the piece and how visible you want your tattoo to be.

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