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Magnolia Flower Tattoo Meaning

Tattoos have long been a great way for people to express themselves. But with the incredible collection of designs at your disposal, it is easy to feel lost and puzzled.

Magnolia Tattoo on Hand

Deciding on a tattoo is a very time-consuming process of you coming to terms with a design and then changing your mind. So to help you better choose a good tattoo, here is a description of one of our particularly favorite designs: the magnolia flower. So without further ado, let’s go over the meaning and some popular designs of the Magnolia Flower tattoo.

Magnolia Flower Tattoo Meaning

Flowers are nature’s beauty at its finest, so it only makes sense that people would get them as tattoos. But tattoos are so much more than just the design and the art; it’s about the underlying meaning as well. Remember that a tattoo is only as good as the meaning behind it. That, of course, raises the question, what does the magnolia flower tattoo even mean? Well, as it turns out, a lot.

Magnolia Tattoo at Back

One of the meanings that a magnolia tattoo carries is of endurance and longevity. Other than being a very beautiful flower, the magnolia flower is also a very old flower. Archeologists have found magnolia fossils that are almost 20 million years old. This trait resonates with the magnolia flower perfectly.

Magnolia Tattoo on leg for Women

Magnolia flowers are incredibly bold and beautiful, especially with their many colors. These different colors come with their own meanings, adding a lot of depth to the tattoo. The pink-colored magnolia represents innocence and youth, whereas the green magnolia signifies good luck and fortune. There are plenty of meanings to the magnolia flower, especially when you take their different colors into consideration.

Placements of the Magnolia Flower Tattoos

Tattoos are one of the best ways that you can express yourself as they carry many diverse meanings. Not only do they mean different things in terms of their underlying meaning, but they are can also have a meaning depending on where you get the tattoo.

Magnolia Tattoo on Hand

Most people overlook the importance of good tattoo placement. While the tattoo signifies the things you like, your journey, or your career, the placement of a tattoo tells people more about you as a person. A good example of this are tattoos that people get on their arms or forearms. This part of the body is the most exposed, which means that someone has a lot of pride in their tattoo.

Magnolia Tattoo at Back for women

Hand tattoos can show that you’re someone who lives by your own rules and is an independent artist or creator. Chest tattoos show that the ink is very close to a person’s heart, making it a prime location for most tattoos. Chest tattoos are also very easy to conceal, making them perfect if you have a proper job. Tattoos on your thigh hold a lot of sentimental value, as most people can’t see it. 


Variations of Magnolia Flower Tattoos

Magnolia tattoos also come in plenty of styles, further diversifying your options. You can get magnolia flowers in a very simple minimalist style or in an ultra-realistic style; the choice is up to you.

Magnolia Tattoo on Lap

A very common style that people get for their magnolia tattoos is an ultra-realistic style with incredible levels of detail. This style gets the message across better, and the added details make it much more appealing.

Magnolia Tattoo for Women

This tattoo is a very good example of an ultra-realistic magnolia tattoo, and it looks amazing.

Of course, ultra-realism is not the only option that you have when getting your magnolia tattoo. You can also get a magnolia tattoo in a watercolor style. The watercolor style especially looks good with flower tattoos, thanks to their vibrant colors and expressive design.

Common Magnolia Flower Tattoo Designs

This is a very simple yet meaningful tattoo, which is not too big and not too small. The limited selection of colors throughout the tattoo makes it stand out, and the small size makes it very easy to conceal. You can be more creative with the placement of this tattoo as it goes well on your shoulder, hand, or even your neck.

Magnolia Flower Tattoo

Speaking of getting tattoos on your shoulder, this particular shoulder tattoo looks stunning. The grey and white colors alone give this tattoo a very grim yet beautiful look. And the slight shade of pink further adds to the grim nature of the tattoo. The tattoo is considerably big but is easy to conceal since it on the shoulder.

Magnolia colorful Tattoo on Hand

As we mentioned earlier, the watercolor style goes very well with all sorts of flower tattoos. This particular tattoo makes use of bright and vibrant colors along with a very splashy aesthetic. The tattoo is very long and compliments the calve perfectly. You can also get this tattoo as a sleeve on your arm if you’re feeling ambitious.

Magnolia Tattoo

IF you are looking for a more adventurous tattoo to get, then this particular back tattoo may just excite you. The monochrome style compliments the level of detail perfectly, as the magnolia looks incredibly photo realistic. This picture shows off the beauty in darkness and can span the length of your back perfectly. You can also mix up the design a little and add some more color to it if you like. But that would take away from its incredible quality.


The magnolia tattoo is one of the most beautiful tattoos that you can get. Their underlying message, along with the plethora of designs to choose from, they can fit every design idea you have in mind.

Magnolia Tattoo on Both Hand

However, it is also important to understand the gravity of the situation. Tattoos are permanent, and it can be very hard to get them off. Therefore, you should take your time when choosing your tattoo. It can sometimes take people months in deciding what tattoo they would like, and where they would like them.

Flower Tattoo for Women

So when choosing your tattoo, make sure that it is something that will make you proud instead of filling you with regret.

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