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Kanji Tattoo Meaning: The Perfect Choice For The Lovers Of Japanese Culture

Kanji are Chinese characters that are used in the Japanese writing system. They are combined with the other two sorts of scripts known as Katakana and Hiragana. The Japanese adopted these Chinese writing symbols because they are the most simplified form from all the Chinese writing logo graphic and are very understandable.

Because of their amazing shapes, these characters became very popular as art and many people are using them to write their names or short sayings that are personally important to them. They became one of the most common tattoo symbols in the West and we can see them inked on many people around the world.

The Meaning Of The Kanji Tattoos

It is one of the most elegant ways to describe a significant word and there are a lot of examples ( nearly 50, 000 characters) from which you can choose your favorite symbol.

When it comes to the meaning of these characters, the symbol itself holds the chosen word and often it is decorated with other elements to describe the tattoo better.

Most of the time, the chosen word represents a human value like love, patience, wisdom, peace. There are a lot of these tattoos and we can see them just as a symbol tattoo in black or dark green color or surrounded by amazing flowers, birds, traditional Japanese decorations and many more.

Sometimes, the symbol is an animal or mythical creature that is close to the wearer like a cat or a dragon and it is decorated with them.  Amazing examples can be seen of these tattoos that are a perfect choice if you are passionate about Japanese or Chinese culture.

Many of the words are often described with two symbols like courage, change, beauty, etc. Also, people add whole sentences in kanji and ink masterpiece tattoos that take a lot of time to be designed so that the result is unique.

The Best Body Placements For A Kanji Tattoo

Kanji are accepted by both, men and women and the body placements are chosen depending on the characters-is it one symbol, two, or more. People ink kanji on the back of their necks, the wrists, on a finger also, there are sentences in kanji tattooed on the back or the chest, or as part of a sleeve.

Women love to add these tattoos and often they combine them with a cherry tree branch or butterflies. Men choose more strong words and combine them with samurai elements or a strong animal like a lion or a dragon. Because the characters are very bold whenever you add your tattoo it will be clearly visible.

You can choose the body part for your tattoo depending on the meaning for example if you choose the word love it can be on your chest, close to your heart, or if you choose the word courage you can add it to the upper part of your arm, on your muscle.  The choice is limitless.

What Can Go Wrong?

This is a true challenge for the tattoo artists because he must know how to combine the symbol to describe the actual word that it represents. It is also important for you to research before you choose your kanji character because it can happen the meaning to be described wrong, so be careful.

The interesting thing about the Kanji characters is that it can hold whatever meaning you like. You can always find the word for it and even make sentences that are close to your heart. With the perfect concept around it, these amazing characters can pop so good on your skin and always show a part of who you are.

Let’s check out some of the most beautiful Kanji tattoos:

Kanji Tattoo
Japanese Kanji Tattoo On Hand
Kanji Tattoo On Chest of A Man
Japanese Kanji Tattoo With Pink Flower On Forearm
Japanese Kanji Tattoo With Pink Flower On Back
Kanji Tattoo On Belly Woman
Japanese Kanji Tattoo On Forearm
Kanji Tattoo On Hand
Japanese Kanji Tattoo On Side
Japanese Kanji Tattoo On Back Of A Woman
Japanese Kanji Tattoo On Back Of A Woman

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