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Japanese Dragon Tattoo Meaning

People who look for ways to express themselves without using words or emotions tend to ink their bodies with certain symbols and quotes. The reason for this is that the tattoo represents something and means something to the individual.

Dragon Tattoo for Men

People with tattoos may come across as individuals with negative personalities. However, this has completely changed over the years. Tattoos are a form of art, and viewers appreciate them for the beautiful designs they show and the profound message within.

Black color Dragon Tattoo

The Japanese Dragon tattoo has a lot of significance, and the reasons for this are vast. Continue reading this article for an understanding of the real meaning of a Japanese Dragon tattoo.

We’ll discuss all the aspects and traditions of this tattoo for you.

Why do People get Tattoos?

One of the primary reasons behind getting a tattoo is the meaning it holds for the individual. A tattoo is not just a showpiece for others to view or, in general, to look good; instead, it has a more profound message.

Dragon Tattoo

For instance, a person who inks their body with a skull symbol comes across as aggressive. However, the image might mean something completely different. As a skull resembles death, you might get this tattoo to portray an image of a new beginning.

The Significance of Dragons

The beast is the most ferocious and destructive being, and it symbolizes strength, ferocity, and wealth. They consider it as guardians. The Japanese see dragons differently and give the creature great importance.

Dragon Tattoo for Women at Back

History of the Japanese Dragon

In the history of Japan, peoples consider dragons to be one of the legendary creatures. The legends of dragons are the studies of mythology and folklore. According to most of these studies, we intend to learn that dragons were noble creatures, and they have different honors as well as powers.

Dragon Tattoo for Women

There are a lot of meanings of a dragon tattoo, and it either means wisdom, strength, etc. However, some communities in Japan see it as a sign of greediness, bad omen, etc. The most popular tattoos in Japanese are known as the Celtic dragon style. Celtic dragons are the ones with crowns and thrones, which depicts their power and force.

Dragon Tattoo

According to the history of western culture, dragon tattoos represent darkness and threat. Japanese history shows us a perspective in a positive way that the dragon’s sign also represents protection, wisdom, and power.

Dragon Tattoo on Forearm

In old times, the mafia of China and Japan had dragon tattoos on their bodies, and soon it became an identical depiction of criminal activities. Hence, now in the era of 2020, these illegal activities are not every day.

Small Dragon Tattoo

In China, the number nine is pretty unique among Chinese. Nine associates with the dragon because of “nine-dragon wall.” “Nine dragon wall” is a barrier with the relief of a total of nine different dragons of China. You can find the wall in the region of Chinese imperial places or gardens. The Chinese government allows senior officers to wear nine dragons on their robes. As the position of a government worker increases from junior to the most senior, the dragons on their robe increase.

Meaning of Dragons in China and Japan

Chinese believe in yin and yang, which means that two different forces interconnect with each other and rise together. According to their faith, dragons are the symbol of an ideal combination of evil and good. Hundreds of years of old mythology show that it is a representation of independence, good fate, and balance.

Reflecting Dragon Tattoo

However, in Japanese culture, dragons are colorful, and these colors have different meanings. For example, the black color defines that parents are wise and old. Green color represents the earth and life. Blue means lazy, compassionate, and forgiving. Yellow color associates people that are helpful and self-centered, and golden color carries significant characteristics like wisdom, helpfulness, and kindness.

Things you must keep in mind before you Tattoo

Since we all know that tattoos pretty much permanently mark your body either from a laser nor from any other method. So, if you have decided to have a tattoo on your body for the rest of your life, then you must think of something special. Some of you dedicate tattoos for the one you love, and some people dedicate it to their country as an act of patriotism.

Black Dragon Tattoo

It is essential to be cautious about your tattoos, and for that, we advise you to think carefully about its style, color, and on which part of your body you will carry that tattoo.

For a tattoo, you need an expert tattoo artist too. You must have all the research about your tattoo artist that either he or she is legit or not. They should not be having any issues in sharing their previous work or designs. The authentication of his or her work will reflect in their previous work and designs.

Classy Heart Dragon Tattoo

Precautions and recommendations are not harmful. They help you to compare the work of different artists. It will be wise of you if you consider going through the work of more than two artists. You will see the difference clearly after it, and you will also be able to finalize the most legit artist for your tattoo.

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