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Iris Flower Tattoos: Meanings & Designs to Accessorize

There is nothing more beautiful than a flower tattoo. Iris flower tattoo is one of the famous flower tattoos, and it is the representation of wisdom. It further signifies innocence, greatness, hope, passion, determination, and cleanliness. Flower tattoos come in a wide variety, styles, and colors. It is more suitable for females and comes in watercolor as well as black ink.

Iris flower tattoo on leg

Iris is the honor/title of the Greek goddess that means rainbow. At the same time, Iris has different meanings across cultures. The unique and elegant tattoo design represents royalty and new beginnings. From the spiritual point of view, it refers to a communication medium, and the flower blooms in the spring season.

Iris Flower Tattoos Meaning

Every tattoo has a significant meaning, and the same goes for the Iris flower tattoo; it has different meanings based on colors like purple, yellow, blue, etc.

1. Hope

Iris’s flower tattoo symbolizes optimism and hope. The flower tattoo encourages you to stay calm and be optimistic for the future. You can trust in your abilities to overcome difficult times with passion. In addition, you can achieve your goals with persistence and hard work.

Iris flower tattoo

2. Wisdom

Iris flower tattoo also symbolizes wisdom and knowledge. It encourages you to gain knowledge and remain eager to discover new things in life. You can also get inked with the tattoo to show emotional support to your loved ones. Further, it signifies truth, knowledge, and honest living.

Black and grey Iris flower tattoo on shoulder for women

3. Faith

Iris flower tattoo expresses love and faith. When you are stuck in challenges and find no way to come out, these flowers give you the power to stay positive and provide emotional support. In addition, it reminds you to have strong faith in your abilities and trust to fight against difficult times. It symbolizes a positive future with a fantastic time.

Red Iris flower tattoo for girls

4. Transformation

Here is another meaning to the Iris flower tattoo. The tattoo symbolizes transformation and transition from good things. They look mesmerizing and beautiful and tell about your hidden secrets. Besides, the flower tattoo shows your thoughts and perception. Many people get these flower tattoos inked to get inspiration from it as a natural healer to psychic problems.

Amazing purple Iris flower tattoo for girls

5. Royalty

The tattoo is also the perfect symbolism for royal elegance. Many people get inked with Iris flower tattoos. Moreover, it incorporates noble traits and signifies courage, royalty, grandeur, bravery, and magnificence.

Classy Blue Iris flower tattoo on hand for women

Placement of Iris Flower Tattoo

The placement of Iris flowers is not a challenge as you can get it inked on any part of the body. You can get a mini Iris flower tattoo on the neck, behind the ear, wrist, arm, ankle, feet. On the other hand, colorful and large size Iris flower tattoos look more vibrant at the backside, back neck, and arm, etc.

However, it depends on your personal choice, and you can get the tattoo anywhere on your body. There are many styles, designs, and colors. You can opt for the one that attracts you more.

Iris Flower Tattoo Colors

Each flower has significant beautiful colors that seem vivid and bright. Let’s scroll down to know the meaning of each Iris flower color meaning.

1) Purple Iris Tattoo

The tattoo has mesmerizing and fresh color. Purple Iris flower tattoo represents royalty, wisdom, respect, and gratitude. Besides, it may show the hidden perspective of the wearer. It is also the best way to show love for a beloved. Similarly, you can get inked with the tattoo to show your friendship and commitment. 

Purple Iris flower tattoo on leg for women

2) Blue Iris Tattoo

Blue Iris tattoo with an attractive look is part of religious ceremonies. It signifies faith, hope, optimism, and devotion. You can get it to symbolize peace and serenity as well. If you want to show your hope or a fresh beginning or any important mission in your life, the piece is perfect for you.

Blue Iris flower tattoo for women at back

3) White Iris Tattoo

White Iris tattoo symbolizes innocence, divinity, and purity. Moreover, it signifies patience, humility, sympathy, and compassion. The gentle and eye-catching tattoo color can add a humble touch to your personality. 

White Iris flower tattoo for women

4) Yellow Iris Tattoo

Yellow Iris tattoo represents goodwill and friendship and has a solid relation to tradition and passion. It refers to deep bonding so friends can get matching tattoos to show their strong relationship. It represents positive vibes that the wearer can feel when they look at the tattoo. Couples can also get this tattoo to show their love for each other.

Yellow Iris flower tattoo

5) Black Iris Flower Tattoo

The meaning may be different across cultures. It is a combination of black and dark purple. You can get inked with the black Iris color tattoo to show renewal, grandeur, honor, pride, and growth.

Black Iris flower tattoo on leg for women

Iris Flower Tattoo Ideas

I. Colorful Iris Flower Tattoo

The colorful tattoo is a combination of green, blue, and grey. It signifies liveliness and firmness. The flower tattoo in the image looks blooming and elegant, with long pointed leaves showing great strength. It is not limited to this color; you have multiple options to opt for color choices like purple, black, yellow, white, etc.

II. Simple Iris Tattoo

A simple iris tattoo is the representation of sketch art with a simple flower image. It has an association with royalty and innocence. People who get inked with the tattoo want to show their hope for a good future. Additionally, flowers are a symbol of natural beauty and represent the love between two people.

III. Iris Flower Tattoo with Celtic Symbol

The Celtic design Iris tattoo represents the significance of ancient times as Celtic warriors inked the tattoo on their bodies. You can add symbols to your Celtic Iris tattoo, such as sun, moon, air, water, etc. The Celtic symbols represent spirituality and eternal life. The Iris flower tattoo with the Celtic symbol in tree shape signifies life. Besides, it shows the different stages of life like birth, life, death, and rebirth.

Final Thoughts

Iris flower tattoo has a variety of meanings and colors. Getting inked with any tattoo can convey a unique message. The tattoos look beautiful on the skin and are simple and easy to get without adding any heavy elements. 

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