What Does The Hold Fast Tattoo Meaning Repeated?

Phrase tattoos are pretty interesting to get on the body as they hold different and unique meanings. You can even add different elements to them. 'Hold Fast' is a very popular term that comes from [...]

The Meaning Behind Charlie Brown Tattoos And Symbols

If you're a comic strip lover, you've probably come across the famous Peanuts comic series that is now a digitalized show and movie. Peanuts have some of the best famous characters, such as Snoopy and [...]

Yellow Rose Tattoo Meanings and Ideas For Your Next Tattoo!

Rose tattoos have been a common trend among tattoo enthusiasts for a while. The design offers different colors and styles to tattoo lovers. This is a common tattoo design that many people find feasible to [...]

Why Betty Boop Tattoos Are Define By Sexual Woman?

You may know the character, Betty Boop, from many cartoons, movies, comic strips, and now, merchandise. The character we know as Betty came to life many years ago by the creative thinking of Max Fleischer. [...]

Find Out What The Song Lyrics Tattoo Means?

As the variety of tattoo designs increases, people are coming up with unique ideas. One of the most sentimental and personalized tattoos you will come across is ones with song lyrics. This type of tattoo [...]

Showcase Your Love For Simpsons – Tattoo Meanings

Have you ever thought about getting your favorite TV show character tatted on your body? Well, you can, using one of the most-watched and loved TV shows "The Simpsons". Other than the futuristic episodes and [...]

What Does This Brain Tattoo Symbolize?

Tattoos often enlighten us to a world of imaginative thought process. People of the modern world have every freedom to exercise their expression in this form of art. It is a major reason why more [...]

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