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Hidden Meaning Behind Honeycomb Tattoo & Cool Designs

How can one small insect like the bee create such a perfect structure? The honeycomb is one of the most amazing designs in nature that is always even and made without any mistake. It teaches us of hard work and order and also of how disciplined you have to be to finish a structure like that. People are often inspired by its stunning look and make various art and tattoo designs of the honeycomb to show the world how important it is to protect the environment.

It is a simple design yet very meaningful. Many tattoo artists say that this design usually goes with another element like a flower or bees around it. Or sometimes people make whole sleeves on their arms to symbolize protection of nature and how important it is to keep the bees alive.

The Meanings Of The Honeycomb Tattoo

There are several strong meanings about this tattoo, we will analyze them and explain why this tattoo is getting very popular these days.


There is nothing more important than loyalty between people. Whether is a relationship or just friendship, loyalty is the most important value that keeps us together. When it comes to the honeycomb tattoo we can see this meaning at once. People ink parts of honeycombs on their hands that are merged when they put their hands together. You can add a bee on the side of each part to make a loyal unity and make your tattoos look very cool.

Hard Work

Anything is possible with hard work. Simple as that, people add honeycomb tattoos to show the world that when you are organized and trying to accomplish something the result at the end is perfection.

Children and family love

The bees raise their young in the honeycomb so from here we can conclude the family love meaning. Each part of the honeycomb can be a family member and, combined in one big structure it represents family unity.


Mostly women are connected with this meaning. To care about the wellbeing of your young and to raise it right is the most important thing in the world. Most of the time we can see a honeycomb tattoo with a queen bee that represents this meaning.


We all know that the bees are one of the most intelligent creatures on Earth. Nature has its own workers that keep her alive and the bees are one of them.


In fact, they are so important that without them the world will not exist as we know it. Today, there are warnings everywhere of how it is important to keep the bees alive so this is the biggest reason why this tattoo is becoming so popular.

These are some of the meaning of the honeycomb tattoo to inspire you but you can always choose your own meaning of course because maybe it is just that you like bees or ate a lot of honey when you were young. Let’s check out some ideas.

Honeycomb Tattoo Ideas

The honeycomb is a perfect choice if you are looking for a geometric tattoo. Inside its hexagonal walls, you can add whatever you like to make it look great and you can always change its color.

It is a very precise tattoo with a perfect look so choose your tattoo artist very carefully.

The most interesting thing about this tattoo is that you can change its shape to make it fit on your favorite body part. As mentioned before, you can add bees or drops of honey or a border with a meaningful word.

The honeycomb is most popular as a sleeve tattoo. This type of design looks very good as a sleeve and people often ink it in black and grey colors.

If these meanings and ideas work for you, you should definitely consider the honeycomb as your new tattoo.

Honeycomb Tattoo With Bee and Flower on Shoulder
Honeycomb Tattoo With Bee In Heart Shape On Hand
Honeycomb Tattoo Under Breast
Honeycomb Tattoo On Leg
Honeycomb Tattoo For Men On Shoulder
Honeycomb Tattoo For Men
Honeycomb Tattoo
Honeycomb Tattoo Sleeve Colorful
Honeycomb Tattoo On Forearm
Honeycomb Tattoo For Womam
Honeycomb Tattoo For Woman
Honeycomb Tattoo
Honeycomb Tattoo Attractive
Honeycomb Tattoo On Both Hands
Honeycomb Tattoo For Women
Honeycomb Tattoo

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