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Ghastly Gargoyle Tattoo Meaning

They look menacing, demonic and evil, but gargoyles actually represent protection. Throughout history, gargoyles have been used to decorate churches and other important monumental buildings. They ward off unwanted spirits and protect those who use them. They also help direct rainwater that falls to the building. They are also called Chimeras.

Ghastly Gargoyle Tattoo at Back

Made out of stone, these monstrous creatures look similar to a bat and a vampire. They have large wings, a skeletal body, pointy ears, sharp teeth and a wrinkled face. They are usually depicted as seated, staring out into the horizon from the edge of the rooftop where they have been placed.

Gargoyle Tattoo on body

Being on the rooftop allows the gargoyle to see evil coming from far away and similar to a scarecrow in a field, their voracious look will make others afraid to come any closer. Some of the most famous gargoyles are found at the Notre Dame cathedral, the Duomo in Milan, Westminster Abbey in London and the Chrysler building in New York.

Gargoyle Positions

Gargoyles can be tattooed in many ways. Some popular designs include a gargoyle that is on all fours with its front legs at the edge of the building. He is ready to pounce and has his game face on. These types of gargoyles look similar to a large dog with its teeth out demonstrating attack mode. Its wings are parallel, facing back or spread out ready to take flight once the enemy gets closer.

Gargoyle Positions Tattoo for Men

Other gargoyles are drawn in a thinking position. Their front arms are crossed with one supporting its chin. Its wings are wrapped around it while it sits and ponders. These types of gargoyles are less scary and show a different, more profound characteristic of the demon.

Gargoyle Tattoo Designs

Most gargoyle tattoos are done in black and white, Tattoo lovers can add some colour to the eyes to replicate the idea that they come from a world different to ours. A lot of gargoyles have a large cross behind them seeing as most of the time they go hand in hand with religion and churches.

Gargoyle Tattoo on hand

Some tattoos even have the church in the background to create whole scene around the gargoyle. Gargoyles on tombstones in a cemetery is also popular.

Gargoyle Tattoos on hand

Gargoyle can look like bats, dogs and people. Dog-like gargoyles usually have a chain or collar around their neck whereas those that look like people, or vampires, usually have arms spread out to show their human features and their mouths wide open to show their sharp teeth.

Gargoyle Tattoos For Men on Shoulder

Some gargoyles are taken from the East. In asia, gargoyles and demons look more like dragons than they do dogs or vampires. Their faces are rounder and their eyes are usually green, red or yellow. Their mouths are usually open. They have the same purpose as the gargoyles from medieval times, to protect the home and scare off unwanted visitors.

Gargoyle Tattoos For Girls

Some girls love the dark tone of a gargoyle and stick the usual design. But for those who want to make a style a little cuter, they can tattoo a baby gargoyle, a cartoon gargoyle or a gargoyle that has some female qualities. For example, the gargoyle can have the body of a woman as well as the eyes.

Gargoyle Tattoos For Girls

Girls can place the cute version of their gargoyle on their wrist, just above their rear or on their ribcage. To add a bit more of femininity, try to put some flowers such as roses around the gargoyle or even a couple of hearts! Whatever the style, if you want to make your gargoyle more easy going with a girly touch, it is possible!

Gargoyle Tattoos For Girls at back

Gargoyle Tattoos For Men

Men, on the other hand, have been known to get big, large and loud gargoyle tattoos on their backs, taking up the whole space for a canvas. This usually includes the whole church in the background, or a full moon on a rooftop.

Gargoyle Tattoo for Men at Back

Another popular place is at the top of the arm where the shoulders start. The calf also provides a great space for a gargoyle tattoo. For those who like to be different, gargoyle tattoos on the neck or placed on a shaved head can really make a statement and would definitely be unique!

Gargoyle Tattoo for Men on its Back

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