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Foot Tattoos for Women – The Growing Popularity and Unique Meanings

foot tattoo for women

For many women, tattoos on their feet are a great way to express themselves and yet conceal the ink in case they work in an environment that frowns upon these creative expressions.

Foot tattoos for women are growing in popularity these days, despite the pain associated with the placement and the fact many skilled tattoo artists will not do work on that region of the body.

When you want to express yourself and understand the risks, the popular feet tattoos can be something to behold.

The Most Popular Foot Tattoos for Women

The subject matter of the foot tattoo design can be as unique as the woman herself, a combination of beauty, creativity, and boldness.

Some of the most popular foot tattoos for women range from tribal designs, scrolls, butterflies, and flowers. These tattoo designs can be used as popular ankle tattoos, placed on the bottom of the foot, and anywhere along the toes.

The more popular designs used on the feet tend to flow more with the contours of the feet and don’t lose their shape with the flexing of the feet.

Feet Tattoos Throughout History

Back in ancient times, when clothing was at a minimal, it was not uncommon for people to get tattoos on the feet.

Many civilizations would use the feet when they ran out of space on the rest of their bodies, while others would use that location to intimidate the opposition.

People already knew that getting a tattoo on the feet was perhaps the most painful and sensitive place to get work done, so when your feet were completely covered in artwork, it showed others you had a high threshold for pain and were not afraid of anything.

The Variations of the Foot Tattoos for Women

The following are a few of the variations of the tattoos on the feet of women, each with their unique placement and meanings:

Flower as Foot Tattoos

The symbol of a flower on the feet of women is symbolic of the Buddhist faith, a way to add some beauty to what that culture considered a less than desirable part of the body.

Small Animal Feet Tattoos

The smaller the animal on the feet, the cuter they appear to be. Small cartoon bears, frogs, and unicorns symbolize a playful spirit that has a wild side kept just out of reach.

Butterflies on the Feet

The butterfly has a rich association with change, and on the feet of women, can be symbolic of wanting a change, going through a change, or knowing better times are ahead.

The Toe Ring Tattoos

Rather than get a piece of jewelry and wear it on the feet, the toe ring tattoo on the feet can be designed any way she chooses.

Here is a creative way to express one’s individuality for the shy girl that doesn’t draw too much attention even when barefoot.

Since this area of the body can easily be concealed, feet tattoos for women are growing in popularity because you can express yourself and show the world when you feel the time is right.

Some choose the feet, so the tattoo reveals itself in intimate situations, while other proudly show off their tattoos any chance they can.

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