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Find Out The Space Theme Tattoo Meaning

You may have imagined yourself in space at some point in life, discovering the different planets, galaxies, stars, and maybe aliens too. Space is a part of the universe that has many elements that have remained unknown for years. Even today, we don’t know how many planets or celestial bodies are yet to be discovered. You don’t know the meaning behind the existence of certain elements in space, but you still tend to admire and believe in those elements. Whether you are an astronaut or not, you can accessorize your body with space theme tattoos.

Space Theme Tattoo on chest for men

Space tattoos have been around for quite a while, and people still get them due to the amazing designs and textures. You will find a million space tattoo ideas out there, and it can get a bit overwhelming when it comes to settling on one. Before diving into the designs, you must know the various meanings behind space theme tattoos. The meaning behind these tattoos are quite realistic and give you hope. So if you want to discover outer space and make it a part of your existence, you must take a look at the meanings and types of space tattoos mentioned below.

The Meaning behind Space Theme Tattoos

Space themed tattoos come with a baggage of different meanings that almost everyone can relate to and apply to their daily lives. One of the most attractive representations of this glorious tattoo is portraying you as a dreamer. Everyone dreams, and imagining yourself in space showcases how you tend to think beyond limitations, which makes you a unique dreamer.

Space Theme Tattoo on hand for women

Going into space might and, at some point, may not sound realistic for you unless you’re a certified astronaut. However, no one can stop you from dreaming about it. This meaning will help remind you to take your imagination wherever you want to because it’s something only you can control, which gives out attributes of power.

Colorful Space Theme Tattoo on leg

Another cool and realistic meaning that comes with space theme tattoos is a mystery. There are many things in space that even scientists still haven’t figured out, such as the existence of certain elements, leaving us with many unanswered questions. These questions usually lead to curiosity. Hence, if you can relate to this meaning or have similar traits in your personality, you should go for it. If you’re the type of person who likes keeping everything to yourself and don’t give in to people, space tattoos are ideal for showcasing such attributes.

Planet Tattoo on hand

You can showcase your love for traveling through space tattoos, especially if you’re a travel blogger. Space tattoos give out a sense of adventure, and if you like exploring and trying out new places, you should definitely get a space tattoo to showcase your passion. It will also showcase how you’re using your time on this earth to think about the unknown. It will also tell how you are making the most of it by trying out new adventures  for example, one is getting a tattoo.

Super cool Galaxy Tattoo on hand

So are you a fan of NASA and have always wanted to work there but could not make it for some reason? You can still get a space theme tattoo as a memento of your dream; however, don’t get sad looking at it. Instead, it can motivate you to work harder to achieve your dream.

Space Theme Tattoo on shoulder for men

As you can see, space tattoos bring a variety of meanings, which makes it quite hard to ignore getting at least one of them. Now that you’re aware of the beautiful meanings behind this mind-blowing tattoo, it’s time you discover the different types and ideas where you can get these tatted best.

Space Tattoo Placement Options

One of the most commonplaces for the ultimate space tattoo look is the arm. The arm gives you ample space to design your tattoo without any boundaries freely. The cluster of stars and galaxies would look amazing on the arm and very eye-catching. You can go for a minimal space theme tattoo that you could show off on your wrist, neck, near the collar bones, ankle, behind the ear, and fingers.

Space Theme Tattoo

If you’re getting one with exaggerated detailing, then the best place for that would be your back. You could also opt for the legs, thigh, and stomach. No matter where you get your space tattoo, it will look raging and flattering as ever.

Types of Space Theme Tattoos

1. 3D Galaxy Space Theme Tattoo

If you want to achieve a colorful touch in your tattoo, you’ve got to try out this 3D galaxy space theme tattoo. This tattoo consists of 3D galaxy scenery with different colors such as purple, pink, blue, green, and more with small twinkly stars. The artist has also included a planet to make the space-theme more eye-catching. This tattoo is out of the world, describing the whole space in a small place. You’ve got to get this tattoo by a professional tattoo artist to achieve the exact mind-blowing look.

3D Space Theme Tattoo at back for men

2.  Astronaut Space Theme Tattoo

Another color space theme tattoo is this astronaut space theme tattoo. This tat consists of a white inked astronaut in space in full action doing what they do best. The tattoo artist has used different elements in this tattoo for a mind-blowing, space-themed effect. The colors in this tattoo, such as blue and yellow, help highlight the different elements and bring out a realistic feature.

Astronaut Space Theme Tattoo on hand for men

Other Types

  • Solar System Space Theme Tattoo
  • All-Seeing Eye Space Theme Tattoo
  • Abstract Space Tattoo
  • Skull Space Tattoo
  • Rose Space Tattoo
Space Theme Sleeve Tattoo


With the help of these space theme tattoo meanings and ideas, you can now finally make a bold style statement. Space tattoos help you achieve some cool body art. You will always find space theme tattoos attractive as it represents the unknown, and this is something that keeps everyone in the loop and filled with curiosity. So make sure you book that tattoo appointment and get your space tattoo right now!

Black Space Theme Tattoo

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