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Eyelash Tattoo Meaning


There’s nothing millennials love more than being minimalist. Unsurprisingly, you can see their minimalist yet alluring lifestyle wriggles its way into every aspect of life. Just like when getting tattoos! Tattoos are a subtle yet powerful way to show people who you are. These either represent a sentimental memory, or they have a deep, underlying meaning to them. Moreover, they’ve been around for longer than either of us existed. And still, to this day, everyone loves to get their body inked with these intricate and delicate patterns.

Eyelash Tattoo on hand for women

Plus, there’s nothing like the feeling of sitting on those rotating chairs, choosing your first tattoos with your friends encouraging you to get the weirdest ones. That’s where the hot and significant eyelash tattoo comes in the game! What’s that all about? You ask. Well, lucky for you, we’re here to educate you about why eyelash tattoos should be next on your list of ‘must-haves.’ Let’s dive right in!

What Do Eyelashes Represent?

It’s true your eyelash says things your brain won’t let you utter. Your pretty eyelashes are undefeated protective gear while embodying the beauty of life—an eyelash tattoo depicts a similar meaning. More than that, they speak a lot about what you are like. What’s more amazing is that your eyelash tattoo can vary in size and thickness to translate a different meaning every time. Keep scrolling to find out which box you fit in!

* Thick Eyelashes

It’s no secret: everyone thinks thicker eyelashes are attractive. Many cultures associate them with both being gentle and open-minded. 

* Thin Eyelashes

People with thin lashes are believed to take things more personally. Plus, if your lashes break easily, you are lazy. 

* Long Eyelashes

Those with long lashes are known to be imaginative and sensitive. Awesome, right?

* Short Lashes

If you have short lashes, it means you are practical, less sensitive, and fantastic at problem-solving. And if that isn’t the perfect balance, then what else is?

What Does My Language/Culture Say About This?

Different cultures have different myths and beliefs. You could argue whether a black is a good luck or bad luck, or you could simply pet it and be on your way. In the same way, different places have a variety of stories based around eyelashes. Cool, no? Keep scrolling to read the exciting history behind people’s love for eyelashes!

Small one eye lash tattoo on finger for women

* Eyelashes carry wishes

It’s not like you see a shooting star every day of the week, nor can you celebrate your birthday every month. Instead, we wish on broken eyelashes. Blow them away and wonder whether the job you so desperately want or if the kitten you begged your mom to get will come your way.

But have you ever wondered how the concept of wishing upon broken eyelashes came to be? Well, worry, not! We’re here to tell you everything there is about this interesting tale. Sprouting from as far back as the 18th century, the British and Irish started this tradition. Furthermore, there are certain versions of said myth as well. We discussed these below; keep reading!

Beautiful eyelash tattoo on hand for women

According to folklore dawning from Shropshire, England, if an eyelash comes off from your eye, you should put it on the back of your hand, wish upon it, and throw it over the shoulder. Only if the eyelash flutters off from your hand, then will your wish come true. 

On the flip side, another version from Cornish schoolgirls says that one should place broken eyelashes on the tip of the nose or the back of the hand. If it blows away with the wind, your wish will come true. Now you may be thinking: if that’s true, why don’t I just pull an eyelash out? After all, it won’t hurt that much. Well, no matter what version of these stories you believe, all agree if you were to do that, your wish wouldn’t come true. Plus, a broken eyelash takes at least eight weeks to grow back! And you don’t want that. So why not get yourself an eyelash tattoo and make a wish every day!

* Tattooing Thick Cleopatra Lashes

Yeah, we know; her name alone is more than just enough to make people start coloring their eyes black. But the thing is, those thick black lashes have been a symbol of beauty and power since prehistoric times. 

One eye tattoo

Getting thick lashes tattooed on your arm or any other part of your body depicts energy, political cunning, and power. It also embodies lady-like beauty and politeness, thus depicting how poised you are in tough situations. That’s how the Egyptians (and Cleopatra) said: ‘eyelashes are amazing with a dash of staying safe!’ 

* The Romans Said!

Pliny the Elder, a Roman philosopher, spread the news that your eyelashes fall more if you often engage in sexual activity. This meant people paid a whole lot more attention to women’s eyelashes. Yet if you think about it: more often than not, we still associate health with what society describes as spellbinding features. Even today, fuller lashes bring sensuality, and this is what thick eyelash tattoos illustrate. Moreover, such tattoos look highly inviting and make you more appealing. 

Eyelash tattoo

What The Chinese Have To Say About This

We all love fortune, tellers. So there’s no way we could finish talking about eyelashes, wishing on them, and making them come true without mentioning Chinese culture at least once. 

According to Chinese face reading, psychology, and body language reading, your eyelashes represent who you are. If you blink a lot, it means frustration, discord or disagreement. On the other hand, if you do it in a non-romantic setting, you might be lying while long lashes promote romance. Getting any such eyelash tattoos on your wrist translates to a similar meaning. A partially closed eyelash tattoo represents the noise within your soul while long lashes speak out the romantic side of yours. While just a single wink means you are relaxed and concentrated!

The Bottom Line

So, what are you still scrolling down for? Now that you know the multiple meanings behind eyelashes, it’s time to choose your favorite one and get it tattooed on your body!

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