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Explore the Meaning Behind Cool Money Tattoos

Do you want to make a bold style statement through your tattoo? Or do you want to show your swag to the world? There is no better way to pull off a cool look than getting a money tattoo. Money tattoos are one of the most common tattoo designs famous among men. But they also look cool on women if they choose the right design. Money tattoos come in different sizes and designs, featuring dollar signs, wordings, coins, money stacks, and lots more.

Money Tattoo for women on forearm

Now, why would someone want to get a few dollar bills tatted on their body? Well, the answer is simple. Getting a money tattoo isn’t a way to show that you’re obsessed with making money or that you’re rich. There is a deeper meaning to these tattoos, and you must read further below to explore the cool yet profound meanings behind money tattoos.

Face covered with money tattoo for men

Money tattoos look very simple, and many don’t include complicated designs than other tattoos. But, the meaning behind these tattoos is more powerful than the design, which is why you wouldn’t want to miss out on these. So read further below and see why you should get a money tattoo on your body.

The Meaning Behind Money Tattoos

Money tattoos look classy and hold some deep meanings, which is why people prefer getting such a tattoo. Besides the meaning, money tattoos come in different variations, and each design has a different meaning. Thus, you will come across different meanings when it comes to money tattoos. One of the main meanings behind money tattoos is wealth. But, if you look a bit deeper, money tattoos can inspire and motivate you to do better in life.

Money and Hourglass Tattoo on leg

The harder you work, the more money you can earn. So getting dollar bills tatted on your body will remind you that no matter how bad your financial situation may be right now, you should continue to keep working hard. One day, you will have enough money to do the things you want and enjoy life. Getting these tattoos isn’t only to motivate you to earn more in the future. It is a constant reminder that will keep pushing you to work hard and never give up.

Bunch of Money Tattoo on leg for men

Money tattoos also depict you as a business-minded person who has many strategic plans to make money. If you get a tattoo specifically of stacked dollar bills, it will symbolize your ability to earn for a financially secure future. It showcases you as a business-savvy person.

Money Tattoo on head for men

You should be grateful for many things in life, and if you want to show your privilege and how you see it as a blessing, you must get a money tattoo. It is also a cute way of showcasing your happiness. At times, happiness is a sign of good wealth, so you can portray the feeling of happiness and appreciation for all your blessings and loved ones through money tattoos.

Money Tattoo for women on wrist

You can also portray love through money tattoos. Surprised? You can get a money tattoo that includes a dollar bill wrapped in the form of a rose that showcases how you choose love over money. People tend to get quite greedy when it comes to money, especially in today’s world. So this tattoo will remind you and those around you to value your relationships more than you value money. Money is important, but it comes and goes. In contrast, your friends and family are always constant in your life, and they stay with you through thick and thin.

Cartoon Money Tattoo on shoulder

That said, money tattoos also showcase the negative side, symbolizing how money can make you greedy or how it can lead you to the wrong path. Money tats that include mocking faces or the face of Joker usually represent the dangers of money. It’s a constant reminder –never fall into the trap of making money or choose unlawful means of earning. Your money tattoo can also portray your love and dedication to the banking industry. You can also portray the controlled and negative impacts of the banking system through iconography by including the all-seeing-eye or the pyramid on your money tattoo.

Dollar tattoo on chest

As you can see, money tattoos have many different meanings associated with them, which is why you shouldn’t miss out on these. You can ignore the meaning behind your money tattoo and solely go for the flashy design. It does not matter what money tattoo design you choose; it will help you achieve a cool tattoo look.

Black Solid Currency tattoo on hand for men

Money Tattoo Types

1. Money Rose Tattoo

Money rose tattoos give out more of a feminine touch, helping you achieve some classy body art. These tattoos usually contain black and grey dollar bills creating a folded rose that looks beautiful. This tattoo symbolizes how men appreciate their women more than money and how women motivate them to work hard and earn clean money. This showcases choosing love over money, which is something everyone must remember.

Rose with Money Tattoo  on shoulder for men

2. Money Clock Tattoo

This, Money Clock Tattoo, also known as the “time is money” tattoo, is one of the coolest designs you will find. This tattoo usually consists of dollar bills with a stopped clock tatted in black and grey, and the words “Time is Money” appear around the tattoo. It’s a good reminder to value time is and to make the most of it. For some people, this tattoo is a motivation always to use their time and money in a resourceful and effective way. Not to mention, these are two of the most important things in the world that people tend to misuse.

Time is money tattoo on hand for men

Other Types

  • Money Coin Tattoos
  • Flamed Money Tattoo
  • Dollar Sign Money tattoo
  • Money bunches tattoo
  • All-seeing eye money tattoo
  • Watercolor money tattoo
  • Sinister dollar sign money tattoo
Money Bag Tattoo on face face men


With the help of these different meanings behind money tattoos, you hopefully now have a better understanding of what these tattoos portray. We hope it has made your tattoo selection decision much easier. Some people give more importance to the meaning of the tattoo instead of the design, and that’s the beauty of tattoos. Whether you know the meaning behind your money tattoo, it will convey a strong message. And you will eventually find some kind of motivation and inspiration.

Money Tattoo on chest for men

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