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Durian Fruit Symbolism And Tattoo Meaning

What Is The Durian Fruit?

The durian fruit is definitely a unique tattoo as it is not exactly common. A lot of people do not even know what a durian fruit even is. Grown in tropical areas, this fruit is large and has a distinct smell. It is large in size, about the width of two hands put together and spread out, and it has a spikey shell. Inside, the flesh has a custard color and it is renowned for its pungent smell. The scent from the fruit is so strong that it has been banned on public transport in Southeast Asian countries.

durian Fruit Tattoo on leg

The durian fruit is a super fruit and even though most would avoid it in public, behind the scenes it is a popular source of nutrition. It is a great source of Iron, Fiber,  Vitamin C, and Potassium. It strengthens muscles, lowers blood pressure and its great for the skin. What’s more, it is almost impossible to describe the taste. Many have tried for centuries, but both the smell and the flavor are not comparable to anything else that has touched our palettes.  Making the fruit even more unique.

Durian Fruit Tattoo For Outsiders

The Durian fruit can be a popular tattoo for anyone who feels like they leave outside of the social norms. They don’t fit anywhere, they are unlike anything else in this world and they are isolated from the rest.

People who see themselves as outsiders can sometimes be difficult to connect with or to get used to at first. But once you crack open that shell, what you find inside might surprise you. Some people are extraordinary in terms of mind and how they perceive the world. You just have to get close enough to see what is inside.

Durian Fruit Tattoo For Travelers

Anyone who has traveled southeast Asia may be looking for a symbol to represent their journey. People from western civilizations, who are used to being surrounded by others with similar skins, tones and behaviors might suddenly feel like they are the minority. Because, in a way, they are. Like travel writers have mentioned in their journeys to the oriental, it is they who feel like they are in a cage, at a zoo, being observed by the rest.

This feeling can be very alien for some, just like the durian fruit. And because of the rareness of the fruit, it can only be found in certain places that you visit, this can be perfect as a memorabilia for the trip of a lifetime.  

Durian Fruits Inspire Designs

In art and design, artists take influence from what they see around them. This can be anything from inanimate objects to nature, fruit, animals, patterns – anything that inspires. The durian fruit is so unique in how it looks that it is perfect for taking elements into a design. The durian is the official fruit of Singapour and as a tribute to its distinct shape and form, DP Architects and Michael Wilford & Partners created the Esplanade, a large venue for arts and performances.

Open Durian Fruit Tattoo

This building and the durian fruit can be perfectly translated into a more abstract tattoo with a modern touch. Triangle shapes and the right shading can create the spikey pattern found on the shell of the fruit.

Durian Fruit Tattoo For a King

Durian Fruit Tattoo for a King

The durian fruit tattoo can also be a great symbol for someone who needs to see themselves as great. The fruit is known as the king of fruits due to the largeness of its size and its weight. These tattoos can be designed with smaller fruit surrounding it to give scale to the size. It can be colored in with strong, bright yellows and oranges with a bid os shading on the sides.

Fruits Tattoo for women

 Some tattoo designs also have the shell opened to reveal the inside of the fruit. The richness of the flesh and the benefit it brings adds to the luxury and highness the fruit has in society and to the person who wears the tattoo.

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