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Discover the Meaning of UV Black Light Tattoo

Let’s talk about the most attractive and creative tattoo art design. The UV tattoo designs come up with a type of ink that glows under black light. The specific type of pigment ink incorporates industrial-grade colors famous for printer ink and auto paint color.

UV Light Tattoo

Have you ever got UV ink tattoos inked on your body or seen someone with these spectacular tattoos? Some people think UV inks are not safe at all. Well, that’s not true; however, it is less common among people. UV tattoos or blacklight tattoos comprise chemicals that respond to ultraviolet light. It does not contain a chemical that destroys your skin.

What Is UV Ink? 

UV inks contain ultraviolet ink property that creates a glow and cool look of the design. It incorporates some chemicals, but that does not mean you need to stop getting these tattoos. UV ink is less common, but you need to be careful while choosing the tattoo shop to get inked. It is all about the ink quality and authority of the tattoo artist.

UV ink tattoos are of two types. Some tattoos are visible in daylight (that have color), the same as regular ink tattoo. In contrast, others are completely invisible in the day but only visible in the nighttime. 

Star UV Light Tattoo for men

UV ink may take longer to apply compared with regular tattoos. As it is a long process, it needs to go through black light and different phases. You may get little scarring due to the tattoo machine, and the tattoo’s traces may be noticeable in normal light.

Blacklight tattoos are most famous among people who often visit clubs, bars that illuminate their tattoos with black lights and make ink appear prominently. The tattoo is only visible in a specific type of light and is nearly unseen.

Meaning Of UV Tattoo Design

UV tattoos or blacklight tattoos come up with dyes that shine visible under ultraviolet light. You can find it in different colors. Most often, tattoo artists design it with standard ink and illuminate it with UV-specific ink. You can also change the only color of your image under black lights. 

However, you can get etched with a tattoo that is meaningful to you. Some individuals may get inked with the tattoo because they love looking at them as they seem amazingly attractive. Or others may get inked with the particular design that carries a specific meaning.

Cool bird UV Light Tattoo

Unlike traditional tattoos, UV tattoos are only visible under UV light. You can get the design for a striking or epic look and soft appearance. In contrast, you can wear UV tattoos regardless of lighting. The meaning of the tattoo may be hidden or not noticeable in daylight, and you may highlight relevant meaning as you like. So, the UV tattoo will totally give a new look to your body art.

The meaning of the blacklight tattoo makes it worthy of attention and showcases personal symbolism as well. Moreover, it may present a personal meaning that appeals to everyone separately. It symbolizes a kind of double persona differently in daytime and nighttime.

Black Light Tattoo Placement

Unlike other tattoo types, blacklight tattoos always look the best on the visible parts of the body. Since the design is illuminating, so people want to show it and make it visible. The tattoos shine under UV lighting, so you cannot hide under your clothing; instead, show off on a visible part of your body. 

Black UV Light Tattoo on leg for men

The most prominent or ideal placement for blacklight tattoos is the arm. Some individuals may get smaller designs that fit the wrist, forearms, feet, or finger. The complete sleeve UV design is the most popular for UV black light design.

Types Of Black Light Tattoo

The black light tattoo designs are famous around the world. Let’s view the amazing designs below that you can customize according to your choice and preference.

1. 3D UV Tattoo

It is one of the most common and demanding UV tattoo designs in 3D dimensional form. The mesmerizing and realistic tattoo type with 3D dimension is famous among all. It may include different featured designs like animals, human body parts, natural things, birds, trees, or other elements. The 3D look symbolizes differently as per the element attached to it. It portrays an illusion approach.

3D UV Light Tattoo on hand for women

2. Skeleton UV Tattoo

Skeleton UV tattoos with blacklight style as complete sleeve design are unique in their look. It may include a whole skeleton tattoo, a skeleton head or hand, a skull, or other separate body parts. The effects of the blacklight ink give the hands an X-ray-like look and are visible under UV light. Some individuals take a step forward by getting inked with an actual X-ray design and trace the authentic bone style onto their skin in the UV light. The design is more famous among males as it represents masculine properties.

Skeleton UV Light Tattoo on hand for men

3. Script-Based UV Tattoo

This type of UV tattoo is desirable for people who want to get a script etched but in invisible form. It may include any banner related to your personality that you can show with a UV tattoo. The simple script-based type looks enormous in black light. So, it glows only under specific lights in front of the special people you want. You can convey a short message to people by UV tattoo type and provide them with the strength to live happily. Or you can get scripted with any memory-related line as well.

Script Based UV Light Tattoo on fingers

4. Birds UV Black Light Tattoo

The mesmerizing birds’ tattoo with UV ink gives a unique appearance. Not only is the composition good to look at, but it also shows the tattoo wearer wants to represent he has fallen in love. The type will stun you when UV rays reflect upon your skin. 

Bird UV Light Tattoo on stomach for women

You can depict any bird type with UV ink that appeals to you the most and gives a fantastic look. But take extra care of your newly inked tattoo and avoid exposing it to the UV rays for at least two months after piercing. Otherwise, it may damage the ink and might show less glow and shine.


Although UV designs are stunning, taking extra care can bring promising results. The chemical may not harm your skin but keep your new tattoo away from UV rays in the starting. Then, later on, you can expose to the UV rays without any difficulty. 

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