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Crab Tattoo: What Does It Tell About the Wearer?

Tattoos have evolved over the years. People do not consider it a taboo anymore. It’s mainly because of the appealing look they have. Other than this, tattoos help the wearers portray who they are with powerful imagery instead of using words.

Crab Tattoo for Men

Tattoos have transformed into body art people don’t get tattoos just because they look good, but for the meaning it holds. People use tattoos to express love for someone, remind them of someone close to them, their true identity, and their beliefs.

Blue Crab Tattoo on Foot

Those who love nature, sea creatures and marine life often opt for tattoos featuring fish, octopus, and crabs. Today, we are going to discuss the crab tattoo, the meaning it holds in the tattoo world, and why people ink their bodies with this creature.

Crab Tattoo Meaning

We all are familiar with what a crab is; this creature lives near the coasts and has a strong link with the ocean. A crab portrays an image of wealth, renewal, and the adventures the sea brings, making it a popular symbol among tattoo fanatics.

Simple Crab Tattoo for Women

Element of Water

In the symbolism of animals, the crab mostly deals with elements such as water and the moon. Along with this, it carries an image of protection as well due to its sturdy shell.

Crab Tattoo on Shoulder for Women


The people who live along the shores understand the nature of a crab and believe a crab represents rebirth and renewal. Crabs tend to shed their shell to grow the new one, just like the lunar phases of the moon; one phase leads to another. It depicts that you can always start fresh and transform into a better person.

Crab Tattoo on Neck for Women

Life Journey

A crab tends to walk sideways rather than straight. Its approach towards the destination indicates that not all paths in life are straight. Other than this, the crab also reminds us that we are born with armor, but that doesn’t mean to harm others. It symbolizes that you must be strong enough to survive hard times.

Colorful Crab Tattoo for Men

Zodiac Sign

You might know that crab is also a zodiac sign in astrology, called Cancer. People born under this sign have certain characteristics. For instance, cancers are loyal, loving, and sometimes moody. Other than this, they prefer to have personal space but can also be good friends. Hence, people born under this sign use the crab as a tattoo to represent their nature.

Zodiac sign Crab Tattoo on Chest


The crab has different meanings in other cultures. For example, the Chinese see the crab as a symbol of good luck and masculine potency. In addition, if you look into the African cultures, you will find the crabs representing different myths and beliefs.

Big Crab Tattoo on Chest

It is a versatile tattoo in terms of meaning, size, and placement spots. Before we discuss why people get this tattoo, here are the most common meanings attached to a crab tattoo.

Cute Crab Tattoo for couple
  • Represents rebirth
  • Cyclical nature
  • Wealth
  • Protection
  • Strength
  • Brave fighters but use their pincers only when necessary
  • Good luck
  • Linked with the Zodiac sign
  • Adventurous
  • A love for the sea

Why Do People Use It As A Tattoo?

Well, as we mentioned above, people get tattoos mostly because they want to portray an image of themselves that people usually don’t know. In this case, there are many reasons why an individual would get a crab tattoo, and all of the reasons revolve around the meaning the crab has.

Crab Tattoo on Finger

You might notice the crab tattoo on individuals who are adventurous or love the sea. These people show that they possess the same characteristics that a crab is known to have, such as strength. Some people use the crab as motivation and reminder to understand the purpose of life.

Cartoon Crab Tattoo on Leg

Crabs have different meanings and interpretations in different cultures. Thus, the reason for having this tattoo is different for everyone. Some people get the crab tattoo for good luck while others get to portray their love for the sea.

The Different Shapes And Designs

The crab tattoo has so many meanings, but this doesn’t mean finding the right one would be difficult. There are many designs from which an individual can choose. The most common designs are the Fisherman crab, Original crab, and the Zodiac sign.

Tiny Crab Tattoo on Head

Just like any other tattoo, the crab tattoo is also one you can ink on your body using different shades of color, in varying sizes, and with other elements such as the moon or a boat. Your tattoo artist can make the crab tattoo look more attractive with detailing.

The Ideal Placement for Crab Tattoos

The most common and best placement for the crab tattoo is the forearm, back, and shoulder. Normally, people get a crab tattoo on the forearm or shoulder. This position is best for the tattoo due to its prominence and coverage area. Hence, you can get a large crab tattoo design inked, and add more illustrations to enhance the features of your crab tattoo.

Amazing Crab Tattoo on Back of Men

The crab tattoo comes in different designs and shapes as well. However, the meaning of the tattoo does differ. A larger tattoo would represent the strength and protective nature of the individual. On the other hand, a smaller tattoo would portray an image that is more humble, adventurous, and simple.


People who can connect with the characteristics a crab has and the meaning it holds tend to get this tattoo. Each crab tattoo tells you something about the wearer, their nature, and their personality.

Crab Tattoo on Thai

We would advise you to work closely with the tattoo artist and make sure that they understand what kind of meaning you’re hoping to portray. This will help the tattoo artist convert your vision of the tattoo into the perfect imagery that will stay with you for long.

Tiny Crab Tattoo on Foot

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