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Cheetah Pattern Tattoo Meaning

Tattoos have special meanings in our lives. They either represent our traits or highlight a significant event or a person who we care about. Without a doubt, the tattoos that use wild animals for inspiration are the coolest. The wildness of these animals attracts us, and we try to represent it by decorating our bodies with their tattoos.

Cheetah Print Tattoo at Back

Today we are going to understand the meaning of cheetah pattern tattoos. If you want to have a cheetah tattoo on your body, you should learn its meaning first.

What Does Cheetah Tattoo Mean?

There are many meanings associated with a Cheetah tattoo, some of which are stated below:


The symbol of a cheetah can remind you to work with focus because you may miss a huge opportunity in life if you lose focus. You need to reach your target before it is too late. This also symbolizes adaptability and flexibility, as time changes your surroundings and the conditions you live in. If you have a cheetah tattoo on your body, you need to adapt to the changing conditions and stay focused.

Black Cheetah Print Tattoo for Men


The characteristics of a cheetah are unique, which means a cheetah pattern can also symbolize uniqueness. For instance, the reason cheetahs are so fast is that the structure of their bodies is designed specifically for running. They have enlarged lungs and heart to help them take in more oxygen, as they sprint to take on their prey.

Small Cheetah Print Tattoo


Cheetahs are the fastest land animals. If you are a runner and want to credit yourself for fast speed, this animal can be the best spirit animal for you. A tattoo of this animal in action, running to catch its prey can reflect quickness and the utmost agility.

Cheetah Print Tattoo on Shoulder for women


Cheetahs may not be the largest felines, but they are very powerful animals. Being the fastest animal with a big body, a cheetah has to use every muscle of its body to achieve unbelievable speeds. The way they grasp their prey with sharp teeth, it has no chance of escaping. They can down animals of much larger size because of sheer power and the strength of their jaws. A cheetah pattern tattoo, therefore, signifies that you are powerful and strong.

Human and Animal Foot Print Tattoo

Cheetah Pattern Tattoo Ideas

Cheetah tattoos come in various sizes and shapes. These tattoos can blend with different objects, names and designs to convey different meanings. Here are some cheetah pattern tattoo ideas that you can try:

Cheetah Tattoo on Leg for Women

1. Cheetah Print Claws

This pattern looks like the claw-marks of a cheetah. These cheetah print tattoos are best for cheetah people who love the stability, adaptability, and strength of this animal. Both men and women can wear this type of tattoo. These tattoos are amazingly attractive. The scar or the scratch marks represent survival from victimization or a trauma..

Animal Scratch Marks Tattoo on Thai

2. The Cheetah Heart

This tattoo represents seduction and agility, and is perfect for people who have a pure heart and are true to themselves. The heart tattoo is always perfect. But if you want to be more creative, you can add a cheetah pattern inside the heart. This design has more variations than you might realize.

Animal Print In Heart Shape Tattoo

You can either make a heart with the cheetah pattern inside it or get cheetah chunks tattooed in the shape of a heart. These designs are great for women. This tattoo may lift up your personality, making you the spotlight in your surroundings. It is also ideal for people who are focused and determined to achieve something in their lives.

3. Ribbon with Cheetah Print

You will love this tattoo if you like ribbons. This tattoo looks exactly like a ribbon or a folded bow, but the bow has a cheetah print. People usually write names and quotes above or below these tattoos. You can have this tattoo on your wrist, arm, neck, elbow or feet. It is perfect for women who are independent, inspirational, and motivating personalities. A ribbon tattoo will also represent the kindliness and warmth in your nature.

Cheetah Print Ribbon Tattoo at back

4. Cheetah Print Butterfly

These tattoos are really cute and perfect for women. This print symbolizes strength and adaptability. It has a butterfly with the cheetah skin on its wings. These tattoos also have multiple colors for beautification purposes. You can have a colorful butterfly tattoo with a cheetah print surrounding it. Cheetahs and butterflies both represent flexibility because a butterfly changes itself from a caterpillar to a butterfly and a cheetah can adapt to various conditions and survive.

Butterfly Tattoo with Cheetah Print

5. Cheetah Chunks

Cheetah chunks are the most common tattoos available in a variety of patterns. The design of this tattoo is as though the person wearing it has cheetah skin under his/her real skin. Some people have cheetah chunks tattooed on their shoulders. But there is no hard and fast rule, so you can have the tattoo anywhere you want on your body.

Black Color Cheetah Print Tattoo on leg

If the tattoo is on a visible part of your body, you are surely going to get a lot of attention from the people in your surroundings. Men and women both decorate their bodies with cheetah chunks but the styles of their tattoos are a bit different.

6. Lily and Cheetah Print

The image of a beautiful lily flower along with the cheetah print creates a mesmerizing design. By merging the two you come up with a design that’s more appealing and exotic than ever. This design mostly looks great on women. You can get this tattoo on your back, elbow or arm. It also represents the sensitivity of the person and creates an eye-catching appearance.

Colorful Flower with Cheetah Print Tattoo


Cheetahs have many characteristics, which is why a cheetah tattoo can symbolize a lot of different meanings. They can survive in harsh conditions. No other animal can match them in speed and agility. Moreover, they have many qualities that make them stand out in the feline family. So, pick your favorite cheetah print that describes your emotions, feelings, associations, and attachments from the list above or be creative and get a tattoo that’s exclusive to your personality.

Cheetah Foot Print Tattoo for Women

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