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Cactus Tattoo Meaning and Some Cool Designs

One of the coolest plant tattoos today is the cactus. Growing and surviving in extremely hot weather conditions, the main meaning of this plant is its adaptability. With its stunning shape and little thorns to protect itself from danger, the cactus is the most hardcore plant among young generations because it also represents strength and survival. The popularity of this plant as a tattoo has grown very fast in the last five to ten years because besides its deep meanings it is also one of the most beautiful designs that look great inked on skin.

The Cactus Symbol of the Native American Indians

The Native American Indians were one of the most spiritual people on Earth who defined their greatest ideas in various symbols and signs. One of those Symbols was the Cactus who signified the desert. It was the strongest amongst plants and because of that, they often carved its shape in stones and put them around their homes or made tapestry with cactus patterns as protection. They believed that a man has to be strong as a cactus (because of its outside looks) but also to have warmth inside (because of its gorgeous flowers).

The meaning of the Cactus in art

Many painters are inspired by this stunning plant and admire its many shapes and flowers. One of these painters who truly dedicated himself to the cactus species is the Korean painter Lee-Kwang –ho. His hyper-realistic paintings look like they are photographed and are a true inspiration to many artists who love this particular style. The cactus popularity in the past decade is not accidental. Young generations are deeply attached to this plant due to its looks. Except in painting, we can see cacti in all kinds of designs printed on bags, t-shirts, etc. Lately, the cactus has become a very popular tattoo because of its rough, yet gentle meaning.

The meaning of Cactus Tattoo

For a long time, the cactus was considered an ugly and scary plant that gives it a special mystery. Many tattoo artists agree that cactus is one of the most intriguing designs and it’s fun to play with its green shapes.

It always looks phenomenal, no matter which kind is chosen. When people tattoo cactus with meaning the design is always more unique and combined with extra elements rather than simply being an ordinary cactus. Others just love its attractive look and tattoo small cactus with cute face or they pick a cacti species that they like the most.

One of the most requested tattoos is the cactus with Indian geometric details. The traditional Indian geometric pattern will never get out of fashion and it looks amazing when you notice it on someone’s skin.

Besides that one, there are endless tattoo concepts from which you can choose your cactus tattoo. Some people tattoo only the cactus flower because it can be seen in many colors and each of these colors has individual meaning.

It is not unknown that today, young generations are more committed to the inner look and consider the cactus as the most realistic representation of themselves. There are people who tattoo cacti to show their strength and that nothing can make them quit in their lives. It is mostly tattooed by women because it also represents maternal love and can be designed in many colorful variations.

Another interesting meaning is the “Don’t Touch Me” meaning which is kind of fun. Also, people tattoo a part of a desert with a cactus in it to express their loneliness or that they are true survivors in this world.

So, the cactus represents protection, strength, consistency, adaptability, also tenderness, love, endurance. If you found yourself in one or maybe all of these characteristics and you really like it’s look, you should definitely consider getting a cactus tattoo.

Cactus Tattoo With Flower In Hand
Small Cactus Tattoo
Green Cactus Tattoo and Don't Touch Me Tattoo
Cactus Tattoo With Flower In Multiple Colors
Cactus Tattoo Green In Hand
Cactus Tattoo On Forearm
Cactus Tattoo With Mustache
Cactus Tattoo With Flower
Cactus Tattoo WIth Arrow And Skull And Flower
Cactus Tattoo With Pink Flower
Cactus Tattoo
Cactus Tattoo On Leg
Cactus Tattoo

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