What Would be Considered Average Tattoo Prices?


Just like any product or service, getting a tattoo is going to cost you money, but how much money is the average. The most important thing to consider is knowing exactly what you will get if you are on a budget.

Some artists charge by the design while others by the hour. If you are going to finally put out some money for a tattoo that you have been dreaming about for ages, then you should consider some important advice. Remember, a good tattoo isn’t cheap and a cheap tattoo isn’t good!

Charging by the Design

When it comes to average tattoo prices, those artists that charge by the design already have incorporated many things into the price.

While it might seem expensive on the onset, the price usually includes the skill of the artist, their reputation, their artistic ability, where on the body you want the tattoo, and the detail involved in creating the design.
Small simple tattoos can go for under $100 for everything, while larger full sleeve color designs can run well into the hundreds.

When you are concerned more about the average tattoo prices than you are the actual design, then you can simply shop around at the tattoo shop for something in your budget that looks amazing.

Charging by the Hour

When you visit a tattoo shop that charges by the hour, the average tattoo prices can fluctuate around $100 per hour. Now included in this time it is important to remember you are paying for the time it takes to apply the stencil to the body as well as completing the entire tattoo.
The minimum this artist will charge is always a single hour, even it it only takes 10 minutes to complete the entire process. Regardless of the time involved, the artist is going to have to use a new sterilized needle for the next person.
Typical pricing for a full sleeve tattoo ranges from $80 – $120 per hour, with the job taking approximately 7 hours to complete. A traveling solo tattoo artist can get $125 – $150 per hour for the same work, whereas an established professional or teaching artist could command close to $200 per hour.

Experience and Skill

The one thing that affects the average tattoo prices is the artists experience and skill level. In order to ask for the bigger hourly rates, the tattoo artist needs to have years experience and a high degree of skill.
When working with an artist who charges by the hour, the size and complexity of the design will affect how long the artist will be working on your tattoo. larger tattoos require longer sessions, tattoos in challenging areas of the body also increase the work time.

One other thing that will affect the average tattoo prices is the quality of the tools the artist will be utilizing. The higher quality equipment price will be passed on the the consumer, this includes sprays, wipes, lotions, inkwells, needles, and sterilization units.

Doing your homework before getting your tattoo will help to allow you to understand the total price before you make any commitment.

The easier the design, the better chance even a beginning artist can easily handle the job at hand for a lower price than a seasoned veteran. The more complicated the artwork, the better end-result you will get with a professional. Simply weight the options carefully and remember you get exactly what you pay for in the tattoo world.

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