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All about Domino Tattoo

The Domino titles tattoo is a common tattoo design all around the world. We’re sure you have seen the famous tattoo design at some point in your life. But despite being so popular, we understand that it can be difficult to determine the symbolism or meaning. Or if you’ve seen the tattoo on someone you know personally, you may wonder what significance it holds in their life. And regardless of the meanings and symbolism attached to it, it’s possible that you just like how it looks. This post will answer all your questions and give you a broader view of the entire idea surrounding the domino tattoo.

History and Origin of Domino Tattoo

The domino tattoo has an interesting origin story. The tattoo originated as an inspiration from a game that Mexican prisoners played in the 19th century during their time in jail. They would use the domino tiles to mark the number of days they spent in the jail.

Domino Tattoo on forearm for men

Gradually with the passage of time, the domino tiles began to symbolize the solidarity and strength of prisoners against the jailing system. During their time in the jail, they had the prison barbers tattoo them with the domino tile design as they were the only people allowed to see the prisoners. Over time, the tattoo became popular among the local Mexican population when it began to be used by various social groups.

What The Domino Tattoo Means

The famous domino tattoo can have a variety of different meanings. While some of these meanings may sound similar and interrelated, others can seem entirely different. Let’s have a look.

Been to Jail

The domino tiles hold a very specific meaning when it comes to tattoos. In Mexico, a person gets a tattoo to symbolize that they are part of a gang. Not only this, but it also means that they have spent time in jail at some point in their life. Even though they choose to willingly get the tattoo, they prefer to cover it up when out in public.

Have Taken Drugs

Another meaning behind having a domino tattoo is notorious in nature. People opt to get a tattoo of domino tiles as a symbol that they are involved in the drug business. While the tattoo can work for any kind of drug, it is often used to symbolize the past life of a heroin addict. But this is also a reason some people avoid getting a domino tile tattoo. After all, many recovered addicts do not prefer to make it obvious that they have done drugs in some phase of their life. Those who do get the tattoo prefer to keep it covered with their clothes.

Domino tattoo on hand for women

Have Committed a Crime

The domino tiles as a tattoo can also symbolize that the person wearing the tattoo has committed an illegal act. People prefer getting this tattoo when they change as a person after doing something illegal in the past. What’s interesting about this tattoo’s meaning is that you will never know what kind of illegal violence they have been a part of. It could range anywhere from a small act of shoplifting to something big like murder or even manslaughter.

Support a Gang

Gangs culture is still rampant in Mexico today. A lot of people get the domino tiles tatted as a way to show support for a gang or if they wish to be connected to the gang members in some way. However, it does not have to be a supporting gesture for one gang. A person could be a supporter of more than one gang as well by wearing that tattoo. In Mexico, it is not uncommon for rival gang members to confront members of another gang. In these cases, the tattoo can serve as evidence.

Domino tattoo on leg for women

Remembrance of a Special Date

At this point, you may have developed the idea that the domino tattoo is only for people who have done drugs or committed crimes. You’re mistaken! That’s not all the domino tiles can symbolize. A lot of people also wear this tattoo to symbolize a special event. This is a creative idea if you wish to get a tattoo of a date that holds significant meaning or is special to you. The tattoo tiles are a beautiful and creative way to symbolize the beginning or end of something.

Tying the Knot

The domino tiles are often tatted after two people get married. Usually, women wear this tattoo on their back or shoulders. While this isn’t a rule, it’s a rather common traditional preference. The most common time of getting this tattoo is after the two have tied the knot, but that is not a hard and fast rule either. Some people don’t follow the norm and instead get a tattoo one day before their marriage. In accordance with marriage, some people give the domino tattoo to young children who are yet to tie the knot but are going to, at some point in the future.

Mourning/Paying Homage

Before the domino tattoo became a marriage tradition, it was part of another tradition. The tattoo was worn by people mourning the loss or death of their daughter or sister. People would also get the tattoo as a sign to show their grief for someone else’s sister or daughter as well. However, the tradition has now evolved from a sign of mourning to paying homage.

Other Meanings

  • Fashion– Nowadays, a lot of people get domino tile tattoo for fashion purposes only. This is because the tiles look incredible on the skin.
  • Showing Support– A lot of people get this tattoo to show their support for their favorite football teams, music bands, or singers. It is similar to how people use the domino tattoo to show support to gangs in Mexico.
  • Symbolism for Positive Emotions– The crown can be a symbol to represent their majesty, while the dots can symbolize faithfulness towards loved ones. Or, some people get an entire collection of domino tattoos to represent the cities or states of Mexico.

Final Thoughts

The domino tattoo first originated as black ink on the skin but has evolved with each passing year. Now, people have started personalizing them according to their style and personality. Some add colors to the regular domino tiles, while others pair them with other aspects, such as flowers, glasses, or even stars.

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