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Agave Tattoo Meaning & Cool Designs

For anyone who loves the desert, or the mesmerizing shape of the flora found there, the Agave tattoo can be the right choice. Known for its medicinal properties and its use to make tequila, this plant has had a strong place in Central American history and is still popular today.

Found in parts of Mexico and close to the border in the US, this ancient plant has been important for centuries. From fiber to food, people have utilized this plant in its entirety.

Natural Tattoo for Nature Lovers

The Agave tattoo is powerful and ancient. For tattoo lovers who live by nature, the Agave tattoo is perfect. It can be used for so many things. It is a natural sweetener. At its core, there is sweet nectar. All one has to do is cut the leaves to the core, filter and heat the sap to break down the sugar and enjoy what it has to offer.

Medicine and soap can also be extracted from the Agave plant. It is known to treat illnesses such as scalp infections, jaundice, constipation and has antiseptic and anti-inflammatory properties. It was also used to treat snakebites. It is also a great way to make soap from the roots and leaves which contain saponin.

The list for Natural lovers goes on. Need a needle and thread? Perhaps you need to make some rope? Or maybe you need some paper to write on. The Agave plant is all you need. How about some landscaping in your garden without high maintenance, or maybe you need some food. Again, the agave plant has so much to offer that anyone who loves to be resourceful and in touch with natural products would opt for an agave plant tattoo.

Dedicated Tequila Lover

Another reason to get an Agave tattoo is for the love of tequila. Instead of getting a tequila bottle tattooed on your body, an agave plant tattoo can be perfect. It is subtle, without direct meaning and it’s shape creates a lot more to work with for a tattoo artist. Much more interesting than a few shot glasses and the word tequila.

The blue agave plant is actually the main ingredient – to be more specific. It is not easy to grow and it takes about 8 years to grow at its fullest. For a well-aged tequila, there is an even longer wait. This is what makes tequila so special and the reason for people getting a blue agave tattoo.

The Original Tattoo Maker

We’ve heard of bamboo tattoos from South East Asia, but have you heard of tattooing with an Agave plant? Well, now you can. The tip from the leaves is perfect for tattooing. And it gets better. The plant gives you the complete package – it also provides the ink. The leaves from the plant can be grounded into charcoal to create the black ink needed for the tattoo.

There are many ways to tattoo an Agave plant. One of the most popular is to do a simple black ink sketch looking at it from the front. The leaves create nice spikes and can bend a bit to create a shape. The more it twists, the more interesting the tattoo can be. Agave plant tattoo with its fool bloom having flowers in it is also popular among Agave lovers.

Another nice method is to look at the plant from above, an aerial view. This makes the plant look almost like a lotus would. The shape is so geometric that it is perfect for modern-day, minimalist style tattoos.

The blue agave tattoo is a shade between blue and green. Add some pinks and purple to the ends of the leaves to create a realistic approach to the tattoo.

Last but not least, a simple stamp of the agave plant is another popular way to tattoo. It is very basic with not much flow and is perfect for those who like to decorate their body with tiny symbols of various things that they love.

Have a look at some cool Agave Tattoos.

Agave Tattoo On Elbow of a woman.
Agave Tattoo On Hand.
Agave with full Bloom Tattoo On Thigh for girls.
Minimalist Agave Tattoo.
Agave with flower tattoo on wrist.
Agave full bloom flower Tattoo on hand of a girl.
Small Agave Tattoo on hand.
Agave full bloom Tattoo on thigh.
Watercolor Agave full bloom Tattoo flower on hand of a girl.

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